Poweful WordPress Theme And Best WordPress Plugin

Poweful WordPress Theme And Best WordPress Plugin

About a week ago there was announced a new and most powerful WordPress theme ever, and probably the best plugin on the market.  by very respected marketing product developers, IM Wealth Builders, named Covert Social Press.

You have probably heard about the millionaire boy “Kevin Rose” who is founder of giant site Digg.com.  In fact, back in 2006 he made about 60 millions of dollars just within 18 months!

Now you can build similar site like him with this powerful WordPress theme and this very best plugin that i’m just going to show you.

PowerfulWordpressTheme Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress Plugin

Why I say that’s the most powerful WordPress theme.

Covert Social Press theme is Premium theme that will make your website look very professional just like NY Times, LA Times, Washington Journal or any other social bookmarking site.

But that’s not all, there is another very powerful feature hidden inside the Covert Social Press theme.

You can curate content from any site you want, so you actually don’t need to write any content yourself.  And just to mention here, curating isn’t duplicating, it’s absolutely safe within any Google policy.  Actually it gives your site more authority by linking to authority sites, high page rank sites.

For example LA Times site has incredibly high PR 8!

Also you can make all of this this running on autopilot by integrating the best wordpress plugin you have ever seen “Covert Social Content”.  Simple to use, just download it, hit the activate button and customize it in a few minutes.

But i’ll talk about this best plugin more down below.  Lets get back to this poweful WordPress theme.

Alright, what’s another cool feature of this powerful theme.

Customization of Covert Social Press Theme

PowerfulWordpressTheme sidebar 150x150 Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress PluginExcept the customization of background, header layout and text, there is customized page layout that allows you to choose how many posts you want to have displayed on your home page.  You also can choose quiet handy sidebar to display your squeeze page, ads, amazon widget related to your content or Adsense ads.

Submit a Link button

This is really good feature and that’s one of the reasons why this is so powerful WordPressPowerfulWordpressTheme features 300x107 Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress Plugin theme.  Submit your link button on your home page.  This enables anyone who visit your site to submit their own link to promote, which for the return you are building your email list, because anyone who wants to submit the link have to sign up to your site first.

Exactly like those big sites such as LA Times do.

Now, lets talk about the Best WordPress Plugin in 2013!

Covert Social Content Plugin

Lets look at some features of this best wordpress plugin.

You simply install Covert Social Content plugin inside the WordPress as any other plugins.  Inside the setting tab of this plugin, you enter your keywords that you want generate the content for, generate a couple of pen names, and save it.

Then you head over to section under settings wher you can choose whether you want your post curate from Google news, Google blog or RSS feed.

You select your keyword and number of posts you want to curate and under what sequence period.  For example you can choose curate 4 post every 24 hours or whatever.  It’s totally up to you.

I hope this gave you a little disclosure cool and powerful WordPress theme this is, and also how you could leverage the power of this best WordPress plugin in 2013.

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