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Please read carefully my new Review about the top social media site for generating free social traffic! is a quiet new website which gives you an opportunity to generate free social traffic to you websites, Facebook account or pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube account, StumbleUpon..etc.

But that’s not all!

You can also earn $0.10 for each referral that you bring in through your affiliate link, and they sign up!

And it get even better, All of this is 100% FREE!

So i decided to write my review to give you a full disclosure what this website is all about.

Free Social Traffic

How Do I Get Free Social Traffic from

So, How the free social traffic from works. Let me explain.

First, you need to create your social media accounts if you don’t already have some. I would recommend to create all of the social media accounts listed above. Because, obviously as more accounts as bigger free social traffic you’ll receive.

Also an advantage is to have your own website, which you can have a listed on your account too.

So, lets say that you have all your social accounts and website listed. Then enables you to search someone’s other social media accounts and like theirs Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, Subscribe to their Youtube channel, like their website, share their website and so on and on.

From all of these actions you earn coins, depends on the other users stated rate for each action. And these coins you going to use for your free social traffic to your website, Facebook page or whatever.

Basically it works as a traffic exchange, if you like someone’s site, more likely he/she gonna like your back. Because they earn these coins from liking or sharing your website or FB page same as you do.

Perfect System Where Everyone Wins also allows you to earn everyday bonus coins which you receive from following and liking at least 10 pages a day. The bonus is anywhere from 25 to 50 coins, and the highest rate that you can set for your accounts is 8 coins per like or follower.

Someone click and share, you receive free social traffic. Simple and brilliant!

While i’m writing my review for you, i’m getting free traffic to all of my sites, pages and accounts.

How Do I Earn Money from

Simply, anyone can earn money with by referring more users. When you create your account at, you also get an affiliate link which you can use for referring more people in. There is no restrictions on how you can bring a new leads in. You can share it on your Facebook or Twitter account and for everyone who signs in through your link you earn $0.10.

It’s literally your reward for bringing to free social traffic. Bring 10 people, earn $1. Fair enough, right?

Is Legit and Trustful?

Vingler.comI know there’s been a plenty of scam websites that are trying to fool you on any kind of catchy thing, just to bring the traffic to their site so they can earn money from surveys or whatever. I have reviewed some of them on my site and warned anyone to stay away.

So Review is based on full honest, same as all of my reviews here.

An answer on if is legit and trustful i have to say yes indeed! And if you really get the free social traffic which is promised, the answer is yes too.

When i first time landed on this site, i just could not believe it, and i was looking for any kind of catch it might have.

But didn’t find anything what would give a bad sticker.

Only what i found was that some people already earned a money for their referrals and got them transferred on their paypal account.

There is also another almost the same website, created by same group, called SocialFans. Visit this one too. The difference of this site is that it enables you to target your free social traffic by all different countries.

Thank you for reading my Review and i hope that vingler will bring a lot of free social traffic to you. Review Review | Social Traffic Please read carefully my new Review about the top social media site for generating free social traffic! is a quiet new website which…
"> Review | Social Traffic Please read carefully my new Review about the top social media site for generating free social traffic! is a quiet new website which…
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