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Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web AssetsSecret Web Assets is another very successful online coaching program for Bloggers or anyone who wish to get on the path to financial freedom using best SEO techniques which guarantee to get your website into the first page of Google or any big search engine on the internet.

SWA program is very new, so you can be pretty much sure that all the SEO tactics are up to date, so you don’t need to be worry about not accurate info.  The program was launched a few days ago, on February 5th, 2013.

Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web Assets training program was created by Colin Klinkert, who is known asGold Assets internet marketer and even better known as the founder of Social Monkee site, ultimate backlinks building site.  Social Monkee is very popular and is used by thousands of marketers for getting high quality backlinks to their site.  Including me, of course.

But lets get back where we were.  Colin Klinkert had really successful year, when he made 6 figure income just from internet marketing, niche websites.  Only one of his site made him over $100 000 of Adsense Revenue, in 18 months.  Just from the one site!!!

Imagine to have more than one of the sites like that.  And all of this achieved by using SEO strategies which works, free organic traffic from Google searches.  That’s how powerful is SEO when you are using right techniques.  And now you can copy his exact SEO strategies from the scratch, and the traffic to your website could go through the roof!  Don’t forget that nowadays SEO could be a bit tricky, one little detail or mistake and everything could be the right opposite.

I know that because i’ve been there before.  When you built your site with exact right steps, without any mistake, you couldn’t go wrong.  Remember, that all the mistakes are reflected and could have a huge impact on your rankings in Google or any other search engine.


What Could You Expect When You Get Secret Web Assets Program?


Ultimate SWA SEO Report – Start Building the Websites from the Scratch


  • A little intro about Colin Klinkert’s success and covering SEO basics, how SEO works, things that everyone should know about SEO.
  • On page SEO
  • How to do your keyword research – Picking right domain name and keywords to rank
  • Choosing the right web hosting
  • Setting up authorship – exact and right steps to setting up your social media accounts (which is very important to do it right)
  • All about Youtube and Vimeo
  • How to write or order your content for an article
  • Your Web Secret Assets – rent, lease or buy links on other sites
  • Guest posting exposed
  • Indexing

Colin is giving away for a limited time all of this for a very low price of $7.  This is limited time offer, so the price might go up in the next few days.


OTO Upgrade

Over the Shoulder Video Series – How Colin Builds his Money Sites

Another feature of Secret Web Assets is OTO upgrade, which enables you to go even deeper into the SEO strategies.  OTO contains a video series over the shoulder, where you’ll be able to watch how Colin Klinkert builds his money sites, so you can copy his exact strategy.  By watching his SEO strategy over the shoulder you can’t miss anything, so your success is guaranteed.


EZ Backlinks Software

Easy and Professional Software to Manage Your SEO and Backlinks + Many Useful Features Never Released Before

You can get this super EZ Backlinks software along with Secret Web Assets program and make your SEO even more powerful.  This software has many different features, that speed up your on page SEO and it enables you to rank your website much faster.  It’s automated features are just stunning.  So, let me tell you more about this software.

Why is EZ Backlinks Software so Powerful?

This tool simplifies your whole entire backlinking strategy.  Thanks to it’s automated features you don’t have to spend ton of your time on building your backlinks.

It has perfect article spinning tool, so you can set your niche network of blogs, and syndicate your spun article to each of your website that you set, by press of the button.  You can also fill in all your seo information like tags, links etc.  So you don’t have to open each blog, to get your content on the web.  The same thing can be done for your backlinks from Web 2.0 sites.  Only what you’ll do is that you fill in your account details, spin your article, and syndicate it on Web 2.0 properties.

If you are not comforted with writing your own articles and think that someone else would do a better job, there is a choice to order an article from professional writers for a small costs.

EZ Backlinks is nicely utilized software from which you can manage almost everything.  I think that i don’t have to tell you how big time saver this software tool is.

Secret Web Assets program has very similar SEO strategies to OMG Machines by Greg Morrison, and both of these training programs have very valuable and powerful content about the best SEO tactics for 2013.

Therefore, Secret Web Assets program has a few different and new features, also the price is notably cheaper.

Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web Assets Review Secret Web Assets is another very successful online coaching program for Bloggers or anyone who wish to get on the path to financial freedom using best…
Secret Web Assets Review Secret Web Assets is another very successful online coaching program for Bloggers or anyone who wish to get on the path to financial freedom using best…
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