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Ping Fresh

I have certainly came across the Ping Fresh plugin over a month ago when it was brand new and nobody knew if it does what it promises.

I tried it though.

It’s been a month since i bought this plugin and there’s only one thing that i can tell you.

This plugin does exactly what was promised.  Ping Fresh improved my rankings and the traffic to my website almost doubled.  On one of my website it went from 150 to 300 – 350 visitors a day just within two weeks.

Now, you are probably wondered how the software like this one can increase the traffic.  I tell you how this works.

The Best Way To Optimize Your Website

IncreasedTrafficYou have a website or blog where you are frequently posting your articles about certain topic, no matter what topic you are writing about.  You are continuously adding new posts to your blog lets say twice or three times a week.

If you have added updated ping services inside your wordpress blog, each time you publish a new post it gets automatically pinged.  If you do not have those ping services added you simply do it manually.

But due the time your post is getting older it’s just losing the search engine’s interest and so the traffic.  Simply nobody comes to visit your old content anymore.

Well, this could be easily fixed by Ping Fresh plugin.  You don’t have to do anything just set it up and the plugin will do the rest.  Seriously, i would never imagine that it will have so big  impact on that.

The plugin checks and determines whether your posts are getting visitors and if some of them wasn’t visited lets say a month, it gets automatically pinged and creates an social echo to search engines, like shouting “hey, i’m here come to visit me!”.

On some of my aged posts i haven’t seen a visitor come for a few months, but after i installed Ping Fresh i could see visitors coming to those pages again.

I have no doubt whatsoever that this simple and powerful tool works!

And it does the job pretty well.  So i highly recommend that you give a try, even if you are satisfied with the traffic you get, it can only gets better.

Ping, Create a Social Echo and Get a Real Time ReportsPingFresh

It also optimizes your website by creating a social echo when someone comes to visit your
site and powers your social signals to the search engines.  You also have the access to all your website reports, which means when some search engine bot such as the Googlebot or Bingbot comes to your site to check what’s new and what’s going on there, you will know about that.  This comes really handy when you are doing SEO for your clients, so you can show them real results.

Always Honest Reviews

You know, i’m always quiet suspicious about these kind of software that promises you whole lot.  That’s why i created this website to give everyone an honest review about what is new out there, what they should try and what stay away from.  I do this to your favor and from my own curiosity.  I’m always glad to share some of my thoughts with others.

Sean Donahoe and His Premium Software

There are also a few more plugins that got my attention as they are created by the same guy, Sean Donahoe.  Again, i did my homework and found out that Sean Donahoe is quiet an icon in the Internet Marketing.

Surely i have heard about him before, but never was too curious to dig and find out more about him.

Apart from internet marketing Sean is also a software creator, and what really surprised me is that he is coding and building all of his software on his own.  Against the most of so called software creators and internet marketers who outsource their work to programmers in India, Philippines or wherever the best and cheapest software builders and coders are.  Believe me i met many of like them.

So, basically this tells you something about the quality.

Another Plugins that Got My Full Attention

Now, since i got the Ping Fresh plugin and i attended to a couple of online webinars with Sean Donahoe, i also had to check another two of his plugins he created.

1. Syndication Rockstar

Syndication RockstarI know, pretty weird name for such a powerful wordpress plugin.

But more that a name, our attention should be at the use of Syndication Rockstar.  This plugin is also about to bring more traffic to any of your site.

But it uses absolutely different method, but as powerful as the first one.

You have surely heard some of the marketers talking about Web 2.0 properties.  If so, then you know how crucial web 2.0 properties are for effective SEO and rankings.  If You haven’t, i quickly tell you what they are all about.

Web 2.0 are simply a huge authority social sites where you can connect with people, share your thoughts or run your own blog, usually for free.  The sites considered as web 2.0 are for example,,, but also Facebook or Twitter.

There’s literally hundreds of these sites.  But you want to focus on the most common and the biggest ones.

The thing is that these sites can earn you such a authority if you connect them with your website, and if you maintain them properly and on regular basis.

And to do so is quiet time consuming.  Imagine to create a unique content for 10 or 15 of these sites.  I know, cos i have done that.  It takes literally a few hours.

But thanks to automation of Syndication Rockstar you can have all of this done in a matter of minutes, half hour max.  You can also integrate this plugin with this most effective Spinning tool to obtain unique content for all of your sites within 5 minutes!

I highly RECOMMEND that you get this SPINNER.

You won’t find better one on the whole internet marketplace.  Save you tons of time and bring you really great results.

Here is very detailed Syndication Rockstar Review if you wanna know more about this plugin.

From my opinion both, SynRock and Ping Fresh are necessary inventory for successful and effective SEO.

2. Adsense Firestorm

The last and also very powerful WordPress plugin is Adsense Firestorm.  You need only this one if you are monetizing your website with Adsense on your websites.  But i’ll talk about this plugin later as it’s not available to the public now.  I was lucky to get the beta version for testing.  But as soon as it’ll be out you’ll know when you come to this website.  Should be soon!

Also if you’d like to get valuable bonuses along with Ping Fresh <==go to this page.

Ping Fresh I have certainly came across the Ping Fresh plugin over a month ago when it was brand new and nobody knew if it does what it promises. I…
Ping Fresh I have certainly came across the Ping Fresh plugin over a month ago when it was brand new and nobody knew if it does what it promises. I…
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