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Ping Fresh Plugin

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What is Ping Fresh Plugin?

PingFreshPlugin Ping Fresh PluginAlright, so what is a Ping Fresh plugin.  It’s a new plugin created by successful internet marketer, Sean Donahoe and his IMSC team.  This new plugin for WordPress, which really standing out by it’s simplicity but powerful use.  It’s basically built for take an advantage of your competition by a few simple ways.  it’s promises are to increase traffic to your website and of course get more conversions on your site.

A Little Bit About Backlinks and Traffic

Now, everyone knows that if you don’t want to be the only visitor coming to your site, you must get traffic.  And to get at least fair amount of traffic to your site there must be something accomplished, and you have to do it right way.  Traffic is so necessary part of SEO strategy.

Basically, by doing nothing with your site you wont achieve anything, and your site just will be dropping it’s rankings in the search engine such as Google.  If the Google don’t see any tendency and results, he will just ignore you.  Remember, Google is very picky in which site to endorse and which not.  You have to play by rules and then you reach your results.  And here comes at play Ping Fresh plugin.

If you know a little bit about building backlinks to your site, then you probably noticed from it’s name what’s this plugin for WordPress is about.  Ping Fresh is in a nut shell for keeping your backlinks still fresh, which is necessary for generating targeted traffic over and over again.

Ping Fresh Plugin – The Best and Inexpensive Solution

When you are building backlinks for your website, by any kind of free way, they are most of the time very weak and poor quality links, which also often expire even before Google notice them and crawl them.  And most of the time Google just don’t take these poor backlinks seriously, and sometimes they could even hurt your site instead of boost it.  You are literally wasting your time, unless you invest some money and purchase certain a number of backlinks on some of the sites or sign up with sites like Social Monkee or UAW which is monthly or yearly paid subscription.  But Fresh Ping got all of that covered for you, just for one time payment.  Which is from my opinion a real deal.

Also what is very cool feature of this plugin is that it’s almost fully automatized.  With spending the minimum of time from your side.  So what it does:

  • Promotes your existing content on autopilot
  • Recycles your old posts and make them shiny and fresh
  • Works in any niche and market
  • Works with or without search engines
  • Create a strong viral signal pulse
  • Set it up just within 60 seconds!

And there are also 4 very cool and valuable bonuses along with plugin, waiting for anyone who will act fast.  From my opinion all the products from Sean Donahoe that i reviewed and tested were solid and powerful, exactly as it promised.  So i believe that Ping Fresh will be the same quality as all of the other software products that Sean created.

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