Scam | Meaning of Scam

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Scam | Meaning of Scam

Hi everybody

Today i would like to focus on the “meaning of Scam“. I’m sure that all of you came across the word “Scam” before. It’s pretty usual when it comes down to internet online marketing,online business marketing,email marketing..etc. We could actually possibly say that it’s involved in the whole internet activity.

What i found out ever since i started¬†online marketing,was that a lot of people are mistaking and misunderstanding the right meaning of Scam,the word itself. Some people just consider that Scam is just something they don’t like. For those i must say don’t confuse a Scam with Spam. It’s pretty much different meaning.


The Meaning of Scam indicated as well as e-mail fraud,is indication for “things” or “people” who are promoting,selling some “fake” not real product or are impersonate themselves as someone else or someone (something) that doesn’t exist or is under the fake identity. Meaning of Scam

Example: I’m sure that some of you probably got a typical email like

YOUR CHECK OF $950,000.00USD.

I have waited you all this while for you to contact me concerning your cashier check of $950,000usd which mymessage from Nigeria boss entrusted me to send you but did not hear from you, then i went and deposit the Check with the mailing company pending on when you are willing to receive it, right now i travelled out of the Country for 3 months course and will not come back till it is completed. I deposited the Check to FedEX Company Nigeria with an instruction to release it to you whenever you contact them. I would have called you but i misplaced your phone number that is why i am writing you this email...blah blah blah!

So this is the typical email that is trying to obtain personal information,details from you to abuse it. So be aware of if you receive an email like that..For sure no one would give away this big amount of money.


Alright..otherwise the “Spammer”¬†someone who is sending an email to thousands of not targeted people to try sell some product or offer some kind of membership..etc. Of course a Spammer can be producer of Scams as well.

But generally Spams are not that bad compared to Scams,as it doesn’t hurt to you unless you feel uncomfortable that you are getting emails which offers you some “real” special offers or “real” products and you don’t want to buy anything. You just ignore them.

As i showed as example above. Fake products,fake programs and software etc..trying to manipulate the people to buy or give away some valuable information.

How to make sure that you are not spamming people with your e-mails if you are running or want to start some business. The most important thing is that whatever you are promoting and selling just make that you are targeting right potential customers. It must be very targeted. It means that these people must be some way interesting about what you try to sell or promote or at least relevant or related to them.

Example: If you are selling software or program you cannot contact somebody who is advertising for a dog wanted. But if you are selling Dog guide book you’ll be more eligible to contact those who are looking for a dog.

So,well..You will apparently come across this kind of misunderstandings if you do or you want to start to do any kind of online business via E-mail Marketing. Which building your own E-mail list for business is one of the most important thing to build successful business in any way of any kind.

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Scam | Meaning of Scam

Scam | Meaning of Scam Hi everybody Today i would like to focus on the “meaning of Scam“. I’m sure that all of you came across the word “Scam” before.…
Scam | Meaning of Scam Hi everybody Today i would like to focus on the “meaning of Scam“. I’m sure that all of you came across the word “Scam” before.…
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