Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

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Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

Hi everyone!

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So let me explain…

money2 Earn4Refer Scam | Warning! If you landed on this website you are probably trying to figure out the same thing as i did. Earn4Refer dot com is the website which is about 2 months old, and is offering to people register for earning money for visitors and referrals. And if you are here just by the coincident Check out Ear4refer.com and stay away!

Well..Earn4Refer says that for each visitor with unique IP address who clicks on your link you earn 1$. Once you earn 20$, you can withdraw your money by using paypal, payza…etc. Just complete short survey to prove that you are human.

And here we are getting to the point, where everyone fail just like me. After completing their survey you wont get anywhere.

You try to complete another and another and another…

No success…


Because Earn for refer is a Big Scam site!

What is Their Nasty Trick and How They Make Money?

What they are simply doing, i figured out straightaway. They are trying to convince people to drive a huge amount of traffic to earn4refer.com website for only the one simple reason..

Completing their surveys to earn the money.

So let me make this straight. Only the one who is earning cash is them! Earn 4 Refer website, NOT you!

It’s nasty and simple catch, because everyone who visits their site gonna go through these steps, same as i did, and at the end before you figure out what is this all about, you complete their survey.

Which is basically CPA offer (cost per action) from some CPA network company. You can imagine they are roughly earning from $0.50 up to $3 for completed simple survey.

I know this because i’m Running some of the CPA offers myself, and i’m doing marketing for past few years. But i never do tricky things like that. This shouldn’t be legal. They just piss of a lot of people.

I tried to track the company and the website, but didn’t get so far. The website appears to be 41 days old and whois for domain is locked. That means that the have secured this site to find out more info such as who is the owner, details about the owner…etc.

So my advise, stay away from earn4refer scam and tell others do the same. I also found Earn4Refer Facebook page.

Feel Free to read my Earn4refer and other reviews on this website.

I have to apologize to those people who i brought in through my Earn4refer link, even i was  caught for a little while.

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Thanks for reading my Earn 4 Refer scam Warning! Review

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