Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

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Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

Okay, i promised to give you some unique traffic getting strategies that are not so known.  When it comes down to the online marketing, online sales or advertising strategy, the traffic is crucial thing that you need to master in order to achieve some good results.

There are many different types of traffic getting strategies that you can implement for yourself.

Basically these strategies could be sorted by 3 main groups, which are:

These above are the the most common ways of getting traffic.

Now i’m going to talk about one paid unique traffic getting strategy that not many people know about and could be very lucrative and bring a lot of traffic to your website if you do it right.

The strategy is a little bit similar to guest posting, but right opposite.

If you are familiar with guest posting, i have tried it a lot, then you know what is it all about. For those who don’t know, you simply contact the bloggers that are in the same kind of niche as you are and you ask them to promote the link to your website on their blog, and agree the price.  But you have to make sure that they have enough of traffic flow to their site.

Guest Posting vs Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

Unique Traffic Getting StrategiesGuest posting could be a good source of traffic, but also you could end up with very little traffic, and you just spend your money for nothing.  It’s quiet hard to elevate this.

It require quiet bit of research, but as i said if you do it right it could bring a lot of traffic.

In a nut shell, you need to find the people who are passionate about writing, mainly the writers that can write a good and quality content based on your criteria and niche.

There are a lot of good and hungry writers that would love to write, but have not really chance to make some money from their writing.

I mean, you can find a lot of article directories and websites that offer some potential of income if you provide them with quality articles, but honestly how much you can earn with them?

I tell you, you’ll be lucky if you earn a few bucks a year, and you still are not guaranteed that you actually will.

I know that, because i have tried that in the past when i was beginning.  I tried everything.

How To Find a Good Writer

So you need to find those who could write a great content and have big enough and activeGood Writer social media presence like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon etc. I’ll explain why later.

You could find these people on already mentioned article directories, social media, or even some of the authority websites.  You can also go to Klout.com and check their score of social presence.  As higher score as better of course, but any score above 50 is good.

If you can, i recommend to check their previous articles and writings to make sure that writing skills are sufficient for you.

Then you simply contact these people and ask them if they would be willing to write for your blog or website on weekly or monthly basis.  If they agree than you start negotiate the price per article.

It could be somewhere from $5-$10-$20, depends on the length of the article.  As longer as more you’ll have to pay.

Once both of you agreed on all criteria, the price and you receive your first article, there is one more thing that is essential to do.

After you publish the article on your website, you need to ask the writer share the article through his/her social media website like facebook, twitter and so on.

That’s why you need to check if they have big enough social media presence.

Everyone most likely would do it for you, although it’s their article, and if they are passionate about their writing, they most likely would share it to their audience.

If from any reason they say no, you should probably find someone other, because their social media share is actually the real power and huge source of traffic that you want.

Once you find solid and good writer with big social media presence, who doesn’t bother to share the article to his/her audience, you won.

It’s a little bit time consuming from the beginning, to locate the right writer, but once you have all set up it’s just going pretty smoothly.

I have recently tried this method for my other websites and it really works well.  Sometimes even better than guest posting.

Now, there are other well known traffic getting strategies and techniques, as i mentionaed above, but lets talk about them in the next article.

But if you really want to know the best and immediate unique traffic getting strategies Come to Join My Team and i promise that you will not regret!

It require a small investment to start, but in the end of the day the one who benefits is you :)

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