Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

google 300x96 Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

Well,I wanted to write about Traffic,specifically about Google Traffic,as Google is one of the biggest,if not totally biggest concern,search engine in the world. For past a few years i was independently putting all information together about Online Traffic,as my own homework how to dominate search engine and rank well for Google.  All the work and books i read to understand how it all works and how could i possibly get the best results from search engines.

linkbutton Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

From the start it seemed to me that i never get through and i will never understand to whole thing. Well i have still a lot of to learn,we learn whole life.  But there is one cheeky thing about Google.

And the thing is,that they (the Google engineers or specialists) the people who run and control whole google Engine Rankings..etc, they  sometimes change the algorithms in which Google works,so you’ll never stay on the top of Google search engine for long time,i mean if you even get there.

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google traffic 225x300 Traffic | Online Traffic | Google TrafficOf course that some big and rich companies, they can afford to pay a lot for the best targeted Traffic and the best SEO workers (search engine optimization), they could stay on the top forever. So there is really no point try to beat them in this Online battle about traffic.

You better stick with what you know and learn how you can possibly more improve your rankings in the search engine. Don’t worry,there is a plenty of other,tested and proven ways how you can get traffic flowing into your website, blog or just an affiliate link. Could possibly grow up to 10000 visitors per day, which is already goldmine.

I wanted to work out all online Traffic scheme together and put it on my site  for you,but then i realized,while i searched the internet,that there is a plenty of useful,already done and perfectly elaborated schemes and modules so at the end of the day it seemed to me point less to do the almost same work. I decided to pick a few of the best works and share it on my website with you.

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It seem to me better idea than spend hours and days to create the same scheme and modules for Online Traffic. So here are some links where you can start. And believe me these tactics work pretty well.

Thanks for reading this Article by author: Miro Le Pelt

Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

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