Recession – How To Make Money

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Recession – How To Make Money

Many people are asking the same question over and over again.  How to make money in the recession! Specially ever since the recession hit the many people all around the world, in many countries very badly.

And it’s still not over.

In some of the countries the recession has growth into the very bad stage, and for many people the situation is almost unbearable.

I know that because a few years ago i was a part of it, and exactly the recession that i’m talking about right now has developed such a big fear inside me that i might gonna be next.  So i started to thinking about alternative ways of how to make money.

Because i knew that one day it could be me who lose the job without any back door plan.

And i was right…

That’s exactly what happened!

All the way until where i’m now was not easy and it cost me a lot of time and struggle.  But as you might know, anything could be achieved if really want and go for it.  Just be patient and believe all what you do one day will worth.

Everything that we want to achieve in our lives takes time, whether it’s financial freedom, travel the world or becoming a great artist.  And if you persist and don’t stop, finally you get what you want and what you desire.

Now, let’s start talk about how to make money

How to make moneyApart from the usual daily job, whether it’s chef, car mechanic, construction worker or builder (which was my role years ago), i’m going to talk about different job occupation which could be generally called online job or specification that you’ve probably heard before – work from home.

First i want you to know that from the beginning make money online isn’t easy and it takes some effort and time.  The term period when you start seeing real results in your earnings depends on how much effort and time do you put in, and what’s more important if you learn the right ways.

Remember, once start wrong and you will continue that way, there’s never going to be any positive results.

Also many people quit before they start seeing any results, simply because they are overwhelmed by information and don’t know how and where to start.  Yes, there is a lot of thing o learn, but it’s not different from any other job.

If you work as a chef and barely take a screwdriver into your hands, you cannot expect that you will be great car mechanic in a few days and other way around.

The biggest problem with people who get overwhelmed of information and think it’s just too much for them, is that they most of the times land on the get rich quick sites which promise you that you’ll make thousands without any knowledge or tech skills just for a little investment of $47 etc.

Literally all of these sites are nice example of a scam.

Bare in mind that no one is going to give you money for doing nothing!  These are just smart people who exploit struggling people’s trust!

There is several main ways how to make money on the internet and i’m gonna break them down for you and tell you a little bit about each one.

How To Make Money Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Finding other way to earn extra income in the recession is very crucial for many people.

First necessary step that you have to do when you want to start any online business is tobest web host bluehost get reliable and trustworthy web host and domain.  You could buy a good web hosting for relatively cheap price.

I highly recommend Bluehost as they are very reliable, perfect customer support, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited transfer, bandwidth, basically everything and they are the cheapest in the whole industry and you get a domain for free.

Avoid of free hosting! They are pretty much useless.

First and probably the most popular way of making money online is blogging or affiliate marketing.

For beginners i would definitely recommend to start with blogging first and then make up the way to affiliate marketing or any other online selling methods.


Basically because to be selling any kind of products online ain’t easy from the beginning.  You need to earn the trust in your potential customers.

Which consist in:

Affiliate or own product seller

Choosing the right niche that you know or you’re passionate about

Very well and grammatically written articles

Giving a good reason to your visitors to buy from your site

Giving away some valuable free bonuses or info or include a scarcity factor

Professional looking and trustful graphics and colors on your site

And finally the most important thing that is necessary in any kind of online money making strategy – TRAFFIC!

But whatever, if you think that you know a lot about your niche, you can dive straight in to become an affiliate or a seller of your own products.  Depends on your budget, you could start to be doing well very quickly, but also you could be the only one who would be willing to buy something from your site.

Either from one reason or the another.

Make money blogging

make money bloggingOn the other hand being a blogger is much more fun and it can teach you something from the beginning.

Become a blogger and start blogging is great way to develop your writing skills and as well orientation in your chosen niche.  Of course that you don’t have to write all your articles on your own as you can simply outsource it to somebody else.

But as i said, writing your own articles is a good start and it will teach you some important lessons.  So your chosen niche should be about something relevant that you know or at least something that you are passionate about.

The best variation is both, skills (knowledge) and passion.

When you can join these two together i can assure that you are a half way done.

Now, you maybe wondering how you can make money without selling anything.  Well, there is a few ways how to do that.

Google Adsense

First and maybe the most popular is to make money with Google Adsense.

Simply, Google allows you to put their ads on your site and if someone clicks on them you earn certain amount of money, depended on how much advertisers pay for those keywords  that you are targeting.

This way could be very lucrative depends on niche that you are targeting.  In some very profitable niches advertisers are willing to pay up to $30 per click!  But from the beginning you probably wont’t get as much by far.

You will be seeing something between $0.10 – $2.  You can see how much the advertisers pay per click for certain keywords by visiting Google AdWords.  And of course as higher PPC (pay per click) as higher competition, which means that more people are targeting these high PPC keywords.  Anyone would rather get paid $10 than $0.10, it makes sense.

And again, same as in any other money making methods the crucial element is TRAFFIC.

Personally, i really like to make money with Adsense, but it takes time before you start seeing any real results.  You can make your life much easier and from the beginning focus on lower competition keywords with less monthly searches.  And also if you can, choose the niche which is as they say “clicky” such as for example insurance, travel insurance, travel, finance or how to make money online.

You can imagine which niches tempt people to click more and which less.

More info about how to make money with Google Adsense <== click here.

CPA Offers

Another way how to make money with your blog or website is through CPA offers.

This is a little bit harder and more advanced way than having Adsense ads on your site and it requires some sort of knowledge of the market and people that you are targeting.

Once you target wrong people with wrong CPA offer, you never gonna make a penny.

So, what is CPA offer.

CPA by other words Cost Per Action.  The name literally says what’s that mean.  CPA are basically the landing pages where targeted visitors must make some kind of action depended on which particular offer you chose.

Why target the right visitors is crucial?

Just imagine for a moment that you are searching for or interested in “how to make money online” and you land on page about “weight loss”.  What you gonna do?  Of course it’s not what you are looking for, so you’ll go away without any further action and the publisher will not earn any money.

There could be many different CPA offers.  With some you gain money per lead, which is usually between $1 – $5 per lead (email).  This way allows you to earn money without selling anything.  When someone submits a valid email you earn $.

The next one allows you to get paid per sale.  This is usually between $10 up to $200 or even more, depends on CPA network and offers.  Conversion is mostly after successful credit card submission or sale.  Some of these offers could be recurring, which means that you’ll be gaining money every month until the submission is still active.

This option is usually on dating CPA offers.

More information about recession and alternative ways how to make money on the internet will be covered in the next article, stay tuned.

Make money blogging without web hosting or any other tech skills

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Recession – How To Make Money Many people are asking the same question over and over again.  How to make money in the recession! Specially ever since the recession hit…
Recession – How To Make Money Many people are asking the same question over and over again.  How to make money in the recession! Specially ever since the recession hit…
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