Panda Update | Penguin Update

 Panda Update | Penguin Update

Panda Update | Penguin Update

Important things that you should know about Google UpdatesPanda Update and Penguin Update. This might be total game changer for you!

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panda 199x300 Panda Update | Penguin UpdateIt’s quiet well known that there was some rapid update change on Google algorithm. I could hear from every guru,SEO or online business marketer. Everyone talked about that but i surely didn’t know what exactly this update involve and how it can possibly effects my website in search engine ranking.

So i kinda ignored it and forgot about.

But what happened after i could not ignore anymore. First of all i didn’t know what’s going on and why my website dropped down in Google many pages below it was before, which really cut off most of my traffic to the website. Well, after a while I kind of figured out that it has something to do with Panda Update and Penguin Update.

Fair enough, at least i knew what happened, because there was everybody talking aboutpenguin 225x300 Panda Update | Penguin Update that. But the more important was to know how to put it back, how to fix it. Unfortunately no one was saying anything about this.

So couple of hours of trying and playing around got me on the right way, and i was almost confident that this gonna fix the problem. After a few days i realized it really works and my websites got back where they were or just on slightly different position.

So What Panda and Penguin update did

It says that penguin update, first launched in April 2012, was mainly aimed at decreasing search engine websites that violates Google webmaster guidelines by using prohibited SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and cloaking, creating duplicate content etc, that got them easily on the top of first page in the Google search engine.

Google updates are simply slapping duplicates and over optimized sites. And i’m going to show you a few tricks to leverage Panda update and Penguin update here for your good. 

As you see, before we used to over optimized our websites with repeated keywords in article and sometimes keywords contained in the domain name and url. Keywords Alt text contained in every picture repetitively anywhere we could.

Well folks..It doesn’t work like that anymore. Over optimized websites are not Google friendly anymore. Besides google gets confused by over optimized websites and in fact ignores them.

Here is what you need to do. You have to make sure that not every picture contains your keyword. You do better if you describe your picture as it is. In the main text your keyword should be involved maximum twice and use related words instead of your main keywords. Massive bulk linking is not good either because it doesn’t seem natural. Make sure your post contains video, it really helps your ranking.

And in square..keep the things simple.

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