Make Money With Adsense – Important Things To Know

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Make Money With Adsense

Making money with Google Adsense could be very lucrative and profitable if you do it right.  The most important thing is to be patient and don’t rush anywhere.  It could only hurt you instead of getting profit.

Like i said that make money with Adsense could be profitable but you have to make your way to what we call recurring income pulling into your account every day, week, month, 365 days in a year.

To start making some kind of solid income with Adsense takes not only the time, but also a lot of effort and experimenting.  Very important thing to mention here is that this is not any get rich quick way of making money.

If you are running on the low budget, it take you longer to generate solid income than if you are invest to right SEO strategy or promotion.  This has to be done right as well, other way you lose money which never come back.

Google is getting much smarter and if you don’t grow your authority and website rankings naturally, Google will notice and penalize you and all your effort would be pointless.

From the beginning you have to start slowly building your authority, getting some high quality contents on your site once or twice a week build your social media presence which is getting more and more important nowadays.

Wait with building your backlinks at least a month, then start slowly tapping links into your website.  Of course you want a quality backlinks, not any poor links that will expire in a few days, these can only hurt your website same as massive link building.

You don’t need tens of thousands backlinks to get your site ranked.

Also, don’t get only one type of backlinks, your links should be colorful, which means that you should have do-follow and no-follow links, submit articles to the top article directories, get some wiki links and either low and high PR1 – PR9 backlinks etc.

You’ll know what i mean once you start implementing these things.

Getting traffic to your site is very crucial, everyone knows that without traffic there’s no money.  There’s also a few great tools and plugins on the internet, so i would recommend that you invest some money and get those tools.

All of these i’m using, and i really have to say that they do what they promise.  So go ahead and grab them.

But i’ll talk about how to build and optimize website in the another article.  Now get back to the how make money with Adsense.

Important things to know when starting with Adsense

Make money with adsenseAdsense is very picky when it comes down to publishers, people like you or me who just want to get a little piece of their pie.  Therefore, their customers (advertisers) have privilege against anyone.

First, you need to register for adsense account, just fill out the form and submit it.  If they will not accept you, don’t worry and try it again and give them some good reason to not deny you again.

When i was starting years ago, i was twice denied before i was accepted.

Once you have your account i know you’d like to make money with Adsense straight away, but if your website is fresh, do not place your ads on your site yet.  Wait at least three to five weeks to get your website some authority and indexed by Google.  While you are waiting you can just work on your SEO and getting traffic strategy.

You wait simply because when your site has no authority yet and is not indexed by Google, the ads on your site wouldn’t be relevant to your site and keywords and you would lower down your CTR (click through rate) and RPM, which leads to lower profit from ad clicks.  But if you have older website it’s fine.

When you have all set and running, do not be headstrong when you won’t see any money on your account yet.  As i said make money with Adsense isn’t any get rich quick, but it’s a good way how to create income a few years upfront.

It just takes time from the beginning.

The most important thing here is that you DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS with intention to earn revenue!

Google will notice and you get banned from Adsense for life.  Many people got banned like that, so bare this in your mind.

There are also those people on the internet who are repeatedly clicking on your ads with intent to get you banned.  These people are called “clickbombers”.

There is a perfect Adsense plugin which allows you to get your site protected from these people, you can also customize your adsense layout, create a Google custom search and much more to increase your profit with Adsense.  But for now, the software is not available for public yet.  I was lucky to be one of the beta testers, but once it’ll be out for public you’ll know.  Just frequently check out this site and you can be one of the first who leverage this tool to make money with Adsense.

First month or two of making money with Adsense, even if you’ll be trying hard, you probably won’t make much.  Expect something between $10 – $50, depends on your traffic of course.  But it doesn’t mean that you cannot be a lucky one and make a few hundreds.  It all depends on many factors and circumstances as mentioned above.

 How to Increase Adsense Revenue – Ads Layout, Type, Size and Color

You might be surprised, but the layout of your ads and what types of ads you are using play a big role in your Adsense revenue too.  There is four main spots on your website where you can place your ads.

It’s your main body content, side bar widget area, header (depends on the wordpress theme you’ve got) and also in the bottom of your site.

To be clear the most common spot to make money with Adsense is main content body.  There you can place ad above your post, into the post, so it looks like a part of your text (recommended) and below the post.

Depends what your website is about, but would i recommend to use text ads, as they seem to be getting more clicks in these days.  People just ignore picture ads as they look like banners.  But as i said it depends what type of niche website you have and how much you want to make money with Adsense.

First you have to look at your site and see what kind of ads and size would be the best for each spot.  Look at the colors of your website and try to customize your ads with exactly same colors as your site and content.

It means when your main body content background is white and text dark grey or black, make your ads with the same colors to make it look like it’s a part of your article content.  When your ad colors match with your content place your ad into the body content and above the content.

To place your text ad above and in the post works the best.

I recommend to create a channels for your ads inside your adsense account, it’s very simple.  This allows you to track and see which ads are getting the most clicks and which not.  Then you can deselect ones that are not making you any money.

If you can implement and stick with all the things mentioned above, you definitely will make money with Adsense.

Watch this short interview with Sean Donahoe about SEO and traffic getting strategy for 2013!

Make Money With Adsense Making money with Google Adsense could be very lucrative and profitable if you do it right.  The most important thing is to be patient and don’t…
Make Money With Adsense Making money with Google Adsense could be very lucrative and profitable if you do it right.  The most important thing is to be patient and don’t…
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