Google Adsense Update on 1.4. 2013 – Anyone Having a Problem?

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Google Adsense Update

Okay, i am going to post this quick article about Google Adsense update on 1.4. 2013.  If you are an Adsense publisher and perhaps you are making some solid income from your website or youtube, this is going to affect you same as the others who are complaining right now, including me.

Adsense forum is raging right now and everybody is complaining about dropping their earnings or no earnings at all even though they have got impressions and several clicks on their ads, and RPM and CTR in quiet normal standard. I have to mention that i am included in this so called “Adsense Conspiracy” too.  All my earnings dropped down to zero.  I’m not sure exactly what does this mean, but i am definitely going to try to figure it out.

Adsense Update 1.4. 2013


This is the snapshot of an Adsense Account from 1.4. 2013

Adsense Update Problem

Adsense account a day after on 2.4. 2013 showing $0.00 earnings even if the day before was shown $2.90!

  Some of say that this is due to the change of of revenue analytics for Youtube.  As since 1.4. 2013 all of the revenue income from Youtube will no longer be shown on publishers Adsense accounts, but inside the Youtube analytics.

However, as i said, i can see many people complaining about losing their income from displayed Adsense ads on their websites, even if they received a several clicks, their estimated earnings are still $0.00.

Some people are afraid of not making money with Adsense anymore. Though, some of them say that this is only affecting their Youtube earnings, not Adsense for content.  Which is even more strange, as some are experiencing a different problems. I dug in a bit and only what i found out so far is that there must be a problem on Google’s side, not publishers.

Anyone Having a Problem or Know Something More? Anyway, i hope this is going to get fixed soon and i the mean time, i keep you all informed if  i’ll find out something more about this problem. And also if you are experiencing the similar problem or if you have got some kind of reasonable explanation, please leave the comment, it’ll be appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Google Adsense Update on 1.4. 2013 – Anyone Having a Problem?

  1. Shaun

    I am too having issues with my Business Directory i earned so much on daily revenue today so was very happy in the usa was getting CTR of 86% and within 5 mins it had disappeared looking for an answer to this solution maybe more people with these issues has found a way of contacting Google to voice there solution to this maybe its just an issue there end and all earnings will show once they get the issues fixed

    1. Miro Lee

      Yes, same happened to me. I went from fair amount of earnings down to zero. And my traffic flow didn’t change, still getting same amount of traffic as the last month, even more.

      Thanks for your comment. When you find something interesting please let me know.

      IM Reviews

  2. Shaun

    Im wondering if its the whole change over to YouTube Analystics a lot of people are having same issues just on google looking for answers maybe its a code glitch and everything will come good in the end keep you posted

    1. Miro Lee

      Hi Carl, Yeah, my went even more down, i’d say around 70%. Still looking for some kinda answer for that, but nothing seem to explain why is that happening. Bloody Adsense that’s right! From my opinion they are giving the priority to the big earners now!


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