Financial Freedom with Big Idea Mastermind

Hello Everyone,

I try to keep this post as short as possible, because you will find an answer for any kind of question inside the Big Idea Mastermind page, so there is really not much to explain.  Maybe just a few things that i would like to cover here.

Financial Freedom with Big Idea Mastermind

BigIdeaMastermind Financial Freedom with Big Idea Mastermind

Achieve Your Financial Freedom

A few weeks ago i was introduced to the BIM online earning program that shows you and teaches you how everybody can make money online, and exactly how to do it.  Of course there is some investment to the start, but in the end of the day if you do everything right the one who is going to benefit is you.

Big Idea Mastermind is associated with Empower Network that you have probably heard about before.  But don’t get me wrong, because you are actually selling two things in one now.  Because instead of only Empower Network, you will have access to the BIM members area where you will discover the most effective techniques and strategies how to grow your online business, the best marketing strategies about how to grow your list and how to make more sales.  Basically all goods to your online success.

Of course with upgrading your EN member ship, you are upgrading BIM membership as well, and unlocking access to the all features that will definitely make you money.  There were about thousands beta testers brought into the Big Idea Mastermind, and some of them started making money their very first week, without any previous online marketing experience!

That’s how powerful Bim is.

Online Success and Financial Freedom – Go from Zero to $5000 a Month in 30 Days

You are maybe a little bit skeptic about Empower Network, and i don’t blame you as i was too.  Didn’t much get it what is their wussy thing suppose to be about.  But i can tell you that with Vick Strizheus you will be able to achieve your goal as soon as possible if you can follow his exact steps that generated him almost 1.2 million dollars in 2 months.  Which is extraordinary result, i know.  No one of us might get that much, but even imagine to be able to earn $5000 or $10 000 a month.

Well, this is possible and doable with Vick’s strategy.  The most of the hard work will be done for you.  You get perfect sales page that is from Vick’s calculations converting about 50%, which is amazing result.  And i have to say that yes, the sales page is really catchy and good one.  You get landing pages to collect peoples emails, and step by step strategy to start making money almost right away.

So, how i’m so sure and how do i know that the big idea mastermind is going to work forOnlineSuccess Financial Freedom with Big Idea Mastermind you.  Well, i know Vick Strizheus from previous coaching programs about how to get traffic, called HTA (High Traffic Academy).  And the stuff that he was teaching there was just mind blowing.  Basically he is teaching those things that the most of the successful internet marketers and Gurus keep to themselves.

Once i started implementing these techniques everything started to make sense.  And of course these techniques multiplied my income like 3 times.

My last words, get on the train when you still got the chance.  Because as soon you become Big Idea Mastermind member as bigger opportunity you will have to earn nice and lifetime recurring income.

Let me ask you something.  Do you want to achieve your online success or not?

If your answer is yes, >> Click Here << to watch the free video

All the best to all of you and thanks for reading my article

Financial Freedom with Big Idea Mastermind


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Best SEO Techniques with OMG Machines

Best SEO Techniques with OMG Machines

Hi Everyone,

OMG Machines1 Best SEO Techniques with OMG MachinesIt’s been a couple of weeks since i got OMG machines course, so i’m giving away my thoughts about this internet marketing course.

The hottest course ever and the best SEO Techniques! I’m doing internet marketing for years, and i’m doing quiet well now. But when i started, it took me maybe a year or so, before i could see any results, and i mean i was hardly learning and working every day. I putted all my free time into learn all the important stuff and implement it for my business.

So as you probably can imagine i went over hundreds of different courses and products. But so far i see OMG Machines the most valuable course i have ever seen. And to compare the price with other IM courses, this is real killer. I payed way more for less valuable products and courses. I know there is about 90% of scam products out there, but believe me, this is surely not one of them.

You can Google Mike Long, and find out more about him if you want. From my opinion he is honest and cool guy.

My OMG Machines Review and What You Should Expect

As i mentioned in my previous OMG Machines Review, this course is teaching, how to become a professional in internet marketing and business. Shows you the most important things to do if you want to become a seller or just simply run an ads on your personal blog. How to build your very first and professional looking blog, how to rank the first page of Google as soon as possible and finally how to monetize your business or whatever you are doing.

Inside the OMG Machines members area you’ll find over 50 video demonstrations, over the shoulder, how everything set up correctly and how the things work. Apart from other courses or products that you can buy, OMG Machines brings you a real value and shows you everything you need to know from A to Z. I would say, it’s the best course ever so far!

Implementing and Comparing OMG SEO Techniques

I started to implementing these SEO techniques and tactics to some of my older sites that were not doing so well, and also to some of my very new sites that i recently built. And i left a few of my sites where they were, just to compare the results.

And after a few weeks, the result is just incredible!

My old sites started to be ranking, and slowly climbing up in the Google, and some of them even got better ranked then some of my best sites from before! which i just could not believe to my own eyes! And my very new sites are crawling in search engine faster than i would expect.

Poor Quality Backlinks and Google Penalization

Some people still talking more and more about Google updates, how they got slapped by Google and their website is gone, this work this doesn’t work, blah blah blah.. But no one actually gives you some real advice how to avoid such a thing as Google penalization! Well, at least until now! Inside OMG Machines area, Greg shows you in his demonstrations what is the main reason of penalizing your website and how to actually avoid it. And it’s very powerful guys.

I had one of my website penalized by Google, and i even didn’t know about that. I was just wondering why the website isn’t ranking well, even if i ranked for one of the hottest keywords! And Greg shows you how to get away with that, also how to build strong, high quality backlinks to your site. Either this if you do wrong, you can get penalized. And that was one of my issues. Poor quality backlinks, and i think, that i rushed out as well. Remember, everything must seem natural!

How many times did you hear or read that backlinks to your site are the most important and as more backlinks as better? Well, i don’t know about you, but i did, many times. So what you do, you stuff your website with hundreds and thousands of backlinks to think that your rankings and traffic just skyrocket. Well, it would, if you wouldn’t rush and do it naturally. Unfortunately, the contrary is the case.

You can find some of these websites that generate high quality backlinks for you on the exact schedule you’d like. Some of the best and very affordable backlinking site, that generate high quality social backlinks is Social Monkee. So go ahead and register. There is a few more, but i cannot reveal all the secrets now, for the sake of “Greg and Mike“, unless you’d like to become one of OMG Machines Members.

But at least what i can tell you is, that it definitely WORTH!

Here is simply what you get inside members area:

Lesson 1 – Keywords, Niches, Domains

  1. Picking an Exact Match Domain
  2. Keyword/Niche Understanding
  3. Affiliate Site Examples
  4. Local Client Understanding
  5. Extra Keyword Technique

Lesson 2 – Building Your OMG Machine

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Hosting Your Domain
  3. Setup and Install WordPress
  4. Building Your Own OMG Machines

Lesson 3 – Articles and Backlinking

  1. EzineArticle Submissions
  2. One Article to Rule Them All concept
  3. Web 2.0 Linking
  4. Magic Submitter Training

Lesson 4 – Turning Visitors into Customers

  1. Matchmaker Pages
  2. Website Makeover

Plus 4 Extra Training Modules

  • Latest Google Updates
  • Squidoo Training – Affiliate Profits and Backlinking
  • Web 2.0 Over the Shoulder
  • Pay-Per-Click Bonus Techniques

All together it’s over 15 hours of video training! Which is just stunning.

Ok, i hope i gave you full enough disclosure, what is this all about and hope you make over your mind, either if this is or isn’t for you.

There is no doubt, that this is the best SEO techniques of Internet Marketing for 2013! All new SEO tactics, that even i wasn’t aware of! Which really surprised me. If you want to bring some new and fresh ways to build you online business, this is No 1 must have product.

My last word is..

I wouldn’t go back!

download now 300x90 Best SEO Techniques with OMG Machines


Big thanks to Mike Long and Greg Morrison for providing us with such powerful info!

Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

ef8f5a4ba335e828887a0ea6f15dc25b Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

Yesterday, i had kind of relaxing and chilling day, and on the days like this i usually think about things that could be improved in my business and how could i help another person to really shift their growth mindset and get their business into the next, higher level, and get millionaire mindset is the key.

I have several different sources of income from my online activities, but for the last couple of months Empower Network became my primary online business that i’m giving my 100% focus and all my attention.  And all that because of millionaire mindset that is available for all ordinary people like you and me.

What came to my attention, and i’m still thinking about this until now, is that majority of people just don’t do what was asked and what is necessary to do in order to succeed.  Although, me and these other people are doing it and they have a success with their online business, particularly Empower Network.

Get Millionaire Mindset Is the Key

Perhaps, they are looking for RIA (Results in Advance) or they start and simply don’tgrowth mindset Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset believe from the beginning that this is going to work.

I got to say one thing, there is so many dodgy and shady networks and Bizops that promise way too much and never deliver, but Empower Network is definitely not one of them.

I’ll give you one example, Person A and person B starts with Empower Network in the same time, and both of them are total newbies, no email list, no network of followers and no experience in online marketing whatsoever.

However, person A sees success withing a couple of weeks and person B is struggling and don’t succeed at all.

And here comes the question, why is that?

Both of them started with zero experience, same tools, same training etc. and one gets results and other not.

So what is it then.

Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

Make a Change Growth Mindset and Millionaire MindsetIt’s the different mindset and belief. One have millionaire mindset and other don’t. If someone start with the growth mindset like, “Ok i’ll give it try and will see if this is going to work.” They are automatically telling their subconscious mind that this is not going to work!

Their belief from the beginning is that this is not going to work, so what you think that happen when someone has that kind of attitude?

Of course, IT WON’T WORK for them! growth an millionaire mindset goes down to the toilet.

There is always someone who  says, “Oh yeah, i have heard that before!” “Yeah..Yeah, just give me the notes and tell me what the secret is.”

Or “Yes, but my situation is different!”

And i recently hear that all the time.  And I tell you something, i’ve been there before myself. I just wanted the results come without growth of mindset, without having millionaire mindset and without me making a commitment to make a change and jump off the cliff.  Burn the bridges behind and never look back, because there was nothing to come back to.

And it was the best thing i ever did.  Jump off the cliff, burn the bridges and make a commitment that i’m going to get different results and i’m going to get them now with the millionaire mindset!

This is it! The secret is right in front of you on the silver platter!

You need to let your mindset grow in the certain way and do the things in the certain way to overcome obstacles in life and start Growing Your Millionaire Mindset.

Then you can manifest absolutely anything you want!

Ok, i just wanted to share this thought with all of you that is recently coming to my mind, and i hope that reading this post was an eye opening moment for you and that you are going after to get different results now and make a commitment as many among other inside our Empower Network community.


Thanks for reading my article about

Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

Growth Mindset and Millionaire Mindset

How to Manifest Absolutely Anything

936d29bb93ac1b3caf03926226f9af5b How to Manifest Absolutely Anything

How to Manifest Absolutely Anything

I would like to chat a bit about a Power of Manifestation and how you can utilize this power to manifest absolutely anything you want.

Everybody has some sort of needs and goals in life that wish to attain. If not then you either have everything you desire or you are one of the most unpleasant individual around the world, no offense:-p.

Because that’s exactly what drives us forward, keeps us delighted and make us to do some fantastic things.

To be able to manifest absolutely anything you want consists in a couple of things.

It is strong belief, visualization of your goals and taking enormous action.

These 3 things are probably the most vital elements when talk about power of manifestation.

You could likewise find even more in-depth aspects about ways to manifest anything, however the main raw principals of manifestation are always the exact same.

In various other words “If you actually desire something you will do anything to get it”.

I can offer you one really excellent example of power of manifestation, which is my own story of exactly how i was able to manifest my own strong desire, which was to become my own boss, leading my own small online blog.

A couple of years ago i was out of work, broke and didn’t have much of favorable view of my life.

I realized that with this mindset and state of mind i won’t get anywhere. I chose to make a change.

I chose to start listed to people that understand more than i do, people that accomplished their objectives through power of manifestation, individuals such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Les Brown and more …

I began to hear these people due to the fact that these people were once broke too, so i understood that they have to know something that i don’t.

I chose to start my little online business, and the much easier method the best ways to do it was to spread the word, things i got to say with blogging.

I learned everything from the start how to set up and manage my very first blog.

And man, i had a lot of things to share, i was so thrilled to link with the world through my little blog site site.

However, quickly i likewise recognized, that i have to understand even more than simply exactly what i understood in order to grow my income, as in the time it was very bit, just to keep me going.

I stumbled upon the online advertising community called Empower Network that was offering to advertise and offer their items that can make me up to $5000 per sale!

I got so ecstatic, but there was one catch.

In order to qualify for becoming an affiliate and earn the 100 % commission from offering their items, i needed to have the product.

Which suggests that i had to get $5000 to buy all their items, which certainly i didn’t have.

I had one thing, the belief that i’m going to discover the means to get the cash and purchase their products.

I was attempting to make more out of my blogging, but costs never stop coming so it truly didn’t work much.

And below is my personal example of power of manifestation.

How i Could Manifest Absolutely Anything

After a few weeks of struggling and trying to make even more money, good friend of primary called me (and he didn’t call me for months) that he has the task for me where i might make more money than i ever did before, and asked if i’m interested to start within two days.

I shared, hell yeah!

It was short-term task where i had the ability to conserve those $5000 within 6 weeks!

That method my strong desire absolutely manifested it self, and i was able to go all in and start advertising their items and make $5000 per sale clear profit earnings!

When you have a right frame of mind and strong belief incorporated with taking huge action, you set your subconscious mind which will discover the method to get and manifest anything you desire no matter what.

This is my own example of power of manifestation.

Belief How to Manifest Absolutely Anything


Down below you can watch one of the exercising for manifest absolutely anything you want.

Here is a great course where you discover how to manifest absolutely anything.

Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

What is the Importance of Internet Marketing

internet marketing vs traditional marketing Internet Marketing VS Traditional MarketingThe importance of internet marketing is continuing to expand. Surveys of all kinds show a major shift in traditional marketing budgets to dollars being spent online to market all types of products and services.

Internet Marketing Defined

Internet marketing is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell products and services. Within the definition of Internet Marketing you will find mention of pay per click advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), blog marketing, and article marketing. Each of these subject areas is important to consider prior to planning your internet marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Provides Many Benefits.

There are many advantages to having a fully executable internet marketing strategy. These benefits include measurability, flexibility, and affordability. Many online marketing tactics provide marketing professionals with the ability to customer acquisition costs. Moreover, marketing professionals are better able to track what marketing campaigns are working and quickly allocate their spending towards higher producing media placements.

Internet Marketing Tactics

cfe21281c515f8e3d5ccd3430b4a3f72 Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

As the Internet has expanded, so have the opportunities for marketing online. Here we will take a brief look at each type of Internet marketing and explain the benefits of each.

1. Pay-per-click Advertising

Sites like Google offer pay-per-click advertising for anyone interested in getting their message in front of the right segment or prospective buyer. This method is highly targeted and offers one of the best and most popular forms of internet marketing. Marketers using pay-per-click advertising only pay a fee, based on the competitiveness of a keyword or ad title, when a link is clicked on.

2. Banner Ads

Once the king of Internet marketing, online banner ads have evolved to include animated and flash banners, but the premise remains largely the same. Marketers purchase a specified number of impressions to run on a single site or network of sites and are generally not guaranteed a specific number of clicks.

3. Email Marketing

Effective among current clients and prospects who have requested information form your company, email marketing is a well established means to communicate and marketing your products. However, be aware of CAN-SPAM requirements and contact preferences of those you plan to reach.

4. Search Engine Marketing and SEO

If you want web browsers to visit your site, than focusing on search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a must. No Internet marketing plan is complete without ensuring that your site is submitted and included on major directories like Google, Yahoo!, and DMOZ. The dollars spent on Search Engine Marketing of any type will pay huge dividends.

5. Blog Marketing – Blogging

Blogging and getting mention of your site or information related to your products can quickly scale if you are able to effectively tap into the countless blogs that are being created everyday. It is essential that you focus your efforts on blogs covering topics relevant to your product or service offering.

6. Article Marketing

One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, is to improve the link popularity to your site and improve the awareness of your product or service offering, by article marketing. To do so, many companies are focusing on publishing valuable content and making available for other to post to their website’s.

Regardless of the Internet marketing tactics you choose, be sure to consider an integrated marketing strategy. Be sure that your internet marketing has a specific goal and is supported with a definitive plan and budget. Lastly, be sure to pick up a book, conduct some research, or work with professionals to enhance your Internet marketing know-how.

How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

relaxation technique How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

The life brings us a joy, happiness, passion but also whole lot of obstacles that we need to overcome, and to overcome obstacles in life we need to believe in ourselves, be confident in whatever we are doing and be true warriors that never give up!

This might sound like some cut part from the Lord of the Rings or any kind of other fairy tale, but that’s how the things are.

And if you are missing all of these 3 things, i have to be honest with you…YOU will probably never overcome obstacles in life.

While some people are fighting for what they believe, other people are just sitting on the fence, complaining and sometimes perhaps throw the rock and hide their hand!

Don’t be one of them, please.

I have met and came across so many people that were trying to mislead me from my vision and silently destroy my path and goals.

These are usually unhappy people who never achieved anything because of their jealousy and laziness. So they rather destroy than create.

Anyway, stop talking and bringing in the negative emotions, because these won’t help you to overcome obstacles in life at all.

Actually, the right opposite.

And here comes one of the biggest and most true facts in the whole universe, The Law of Attraction!

“We become what we think”

Or, we attract what we are thinking about the most of the time.  Like a magnet attracts metal.

relaxed state of mind How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

People are forgetting these things.

For example, when we were young, we were not always but most of the time taught that in order to become rich you have to be smart, lie, steal from others, don’t have a friends and more bad things like that.

Which is a big BS! Like if being rich is some kind of bad thing or sin.

And because we were taught or hearing these things in our very young age, it just somehow coded in our brain, respectively subconscious mind, so we started believe in that.

And that’s why so many people struggle to overcome obstacles in life such as debts, financial crisis, unemployment etc.

And again, i don’t say that this apply’s everyone on the planet, but to majority of people.

I grew up and was raised in the community of people like that. And i almost started believe in what they say if i didn’t have that little inner voice telling me that this is not right.

So, for 20 years i was balancing on the edge, and didn’t know on what side should i be which didn’t get me anywhere and didn’t make me start do the things i really care about.

Until a few years back, when i decided to stop. Now i’m going to overcome all obstacles in my life one by one, with crystal clear focus on what i believe in and what i want to achieve.

But bare with me, nothing happens fast, and sometimes you just need to be persistent and never stop believe.  Put your doubt and fear on the side.

So bottom line is. To overcome obstacles in life you will probably need to change your life and the way of thinking if you didn’t already.

How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

large letmeinnow How to Overcome Obstacles in Life the Right Way

Thinking of Creating Your Own Article Directory?

Thinking of Creating Your Own Article Directory?

CollegeInformation Thinking of Creating Your Own Article Directory?

There are numerous powerful things you can do when you handle a short article and develop directory site in your niche.

SEO is something you need to include when you are developing your article directory. On page seo is so vital for a directory that you require to be really sure your understanding is current. You can do backlinking for your directory site to offer it a preliminary boost, but later on that will be less important.

Due to the fact that you can direct your efforts towards your own priorities, the field is really wide open. You never know exactly what can accompany something of this magnitude, but the positives exist and do exist. There is no reason for not producing several short article directories, and you can actually take things to dizzying heights. Producing the directory can be exceptionally simple with the software that is now readily available. We will not share with you a couple of more terrific concepts and suggestions for creating and handling a short article directory.

You can monetize your article directory in a wide range of methods. You can monetize your directory site, or merely use it as a traffic funnel to your other relevant company or sites.

You can have a look at established post directories and get an excellent concept of effective ways by which you can approach the money making issue. The last thing you want to do is aggravate your visitors. You will need to make these calls because it is simply part of doing business on the internet. All effective online companies test and track, and you should do that too. If you neglect the power of screening and monitoring, you will be missing out on numerous chances. When you think of it, we are discussing enhancing your website for optimum conversions.

One crucial tip is prevent hurrying to finish your directory because you will do the right things, more commonly, when you develop a strong foundation by planning. For circumstances, if you’re developing a niche targeted article directory about network marketing, you can monetize it this method.

Let’s not forget hosting in all the excitement of developing an article directory. At first, if economy matters then a basic shared account with a great hosting carrier will be adequate. It would be much easier to start off with something that can manage more traffic and bandwidth if you want to grow into something bigger. Yes, we understand that the majority of, if not all, state unlimited traffic and bandwidth. However that only applies to relatively small lengths of traffic. Then there are definite restrictions to the length of load you can put on it when you use a shared account. So consider using a VPS or Dedicated (Dedi) server either in the beginning or quickly.

If you do it right, handling a short article and creating directory site in specific niches can be an effective strategy. Because so much of your education will be by doing, you need to not wait until you are an expert on paper.

Managing Article Directory

Anyway, when managing an Article directory, you will also start receiving articles that are very poor quality, low readability, probably spun by some cheap spinning software and blasted to whole bunch of article directories except yours.

You don’t want them.

Once your directory grows you’ll be receiving more and more articles and it’s harder to keep up and manually review all articles.

My article directory is receiving on average about 2000 articles daily now and that whole lotta articles to be reviewed.

Most of them are poor, low quality content. Unfortunately i did discover any software yet that would automate the whole thing.

So the choices are.

If your article directory is monetized and already make some money from advertising or paid membership subscription, you could hire someone who would review your incoming articles.

Or, if not monetized, you can do it yourself. Basically review as much as you can and delete the rest.

While talking about the software, here is one i personally use for over a year now and it’s been major help in my article marketing and SEO.

Watch the video and see yourself!

Article Marketing Software

How Does Change SEO in 2014?

SEO in 2014

SEOIn2014 How Does Change SEO in 2014?

If you haven’t noticed currently, Google seems to have an agenda. By comprehending exactly what Google is trying to do with all of these updates, we can effectively prepare for coming modifications and remain ahead of the ball game while others struggle to keep their head above water. Some think that Google has actually been cranking out updates regularly just so their groups can appear busy.

In October, I expanded on exactly how the Google Hummingbird update was an advance for Google in their strategy to supplying users with the info that they are searching for by altering the search algorithm completely.

Big “G” and SEO

Since right now, we can just guess on exactly what the “Big G” has in establishment for us, but based on experiences with the previous updates and an understanding of what Google’s objectives are, we can draw numerous conclusions on exactly how to much better enhance a site for SEO in 2014.

If the Hummingbird upgrade was any indication of exactly what’s to come, specialists will suggest concentrating on developing content that individuals desire, with a strong focus on semantic search (the understanding of the searcher’s intent ), instead of the keywords that they are typing into the search bar. Right here’s an example of how semantic search works …

If I were to Google the words “weather San Diego California”, 10 years ago the first page that turned up would be one that is enhanced specifically for the keyword expression that was enter, which might or could not have the weather condition forecast that I am trying to find. With semantic search, nevertheless, Google now knows that I am looking specifically for the weather condition report in the San Diego area, which right away reveals me the weather forecast for the next week when I kind that expression in.

Since today, the semantic search is fairly week and doesn’t encompass every page on the web, but in the future, Google will likely improve upon this by assuming exactly what the intent of the user’s search is and not simply the keywords that were key in.

In this whole SEO game, Google will begin to pay more focus to social signals. Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. These are all good signs of exactly what people are presently interested in. It would just make sense that Google would start to pay more focus on the trending subjects that people are following and press them higher to the top of the SERP’s.

Google’s Author Rank will begin to have a lot more of an impact. With the authorship program, Google will be able to acknowledge the authors that provide higher quality information that likewise generate a bunch of search traffic.

From this information, they will have the ability to effectively enhance page rankings based upon the quality of the author connected to that page. Since today, nothing is written in stone. However, it is a winner that these 3 pointers that I proposed will occur in the next year or so.

With that in mind, you can quickly prosper of the competition by starting to enhance for exactly what Google is PLANNING to do, so when they in fact implement these ideas into their updates, you will be sitting very at # 1.

Thanks for reading my post about SEO in 2014 and i hope you took something away from it.

affiliate promo material 1 banner 728x90 How Does Change SEO in 2014?

Effective Method To Improve Your Article Marketing

Effective Method To Improve Your Article Marketing

Article marketing is now a popular, reliable way for businesses to market themselves to possible customers. Many individuals have no idea where to start with this marketing method. This article contains plenty of tips about how you can make article marketing work for you and your company.

Free offers offer clients a sense of value and enhance the possibilities that they will be repeat purchasers. Your posts, eBooks and various other free offers need to include your logo so potential clients remember it.

If traffic has become stagnant, start some debate. By proofreading to make sure quality material, your site will acquire a strong credibility.

Rather use as lots of indexes as you can with a range of short articles on each one. Publishing the same article to hundreds of directories simply makes you look like a spammer.

Success in article marketing is relative to the product you’re attempting to push. Your ultimate goal should be the continued success of any particular campaign you’re working on, not anything measured making use of dollar signs. Keep in mind that the cash will come as your presence starts to expand, so work first to target your audience.

Keep composing constantly to improve your abilities. Keep trying to write on a variety of topics and in various tones of voice.

Understanding the importance of content will keep you competitive. Evaluate your material regularly and make particular to upgrade it with fresh ideas and info. Always keep in mind two types of visitors to your site; the ones who are there for the first time and the ones who have been there one hundred. Educate and capture with content to keep your site viable.

When writing an article which you plan to use for article marketing, make sure you pay particular attention to the body of this written piece. You should put the most important info at the top of the body. It is sensible to continue your sentences and paragraphs short. Typically, a marketing article must be between 250 to 500 words in length.

When it pertains to correct advertising of your posts, you can not do anything until you create a marketing plan first. This is extremely important, as it gives you insight into what you need to do to reach your goals, in addition to what those entail. It basically details details of your mission, your vision, your goals, your target market and what you need to do to succeed.

Promoting your short articles is something that has to not be forgotten after you spent all that energy and time writing them! Market them in a newsletter to your customers and take advantage of tweeting about the articles too (do not forget the connected to the article!) You may want to link your article to your blogging website from time to time.

Create High Quality Content

Any variation in articles that keeps readers from getting bored is a good thing. Reader boredom is a threat that threatens even the best article marketing strategies. Article writers who have been churning out high-quality content for big audiences for years are still susceptible to losing bored readers. Falling into a long-term groove is dangerous even if the groove is a successful one.

When it comes to successful article marketing, Billy Idol said it best, “More, more, more!” The more content you’re putting out there – high-quality content, though, not garbage content – means the more you’re being viewed by your targeted audience. Make sure you’re writing as much content as you can. The more the better when it comes to marketing.

Loading your website with a variety of spun short articles could not be a sensible concept. To enhance the chances of various other webmasters sharing your material with their readers, it is vital that you develop quality posts.

If your main purpose for utilizing article marketing is to develop back links, it is still important to produce great content. Truly exceptional content lends itself to creating more back links. It really is a win-win situation.

Master article writing and open up brand-new opportunities. When you can produce lots of top quality content quickly, creating traffic with short articles becomes incredibly fast and easy for you.

As begun at the start of this article, article marketing is an excellent method to market your company. By using a few of the guidance mentioned in the ideas presented above, you can begin a successful article marketing project today. Your orders ought to then increase considerably and your earnings will rise.

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  • Covert VideoPress WordPress theme that makes your blog feel and work like Youtube, allowing your to cash in on the video craze without ever having to create a video yourself!
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Empowerment of Success in 2014 – Stop Trying and Start Doing

Empowerment of Success in 2014 – Stop Trying and Start Doing

2014Success Empowerment of Success in 2014   Stop Trying and Start Doing

Let’s Power up ourselves in new year 2014! Same as numerous others, i do think and i can see the new year 2014 in bright light for numerous of us.

Lets make this year to be the most effective year ever!

Not just for those who are brand-new to online marketing however likewise for the people who are struggling and trying to make things take a place for them for a long time without any results and success.

And these people who continue to be and do not quit might lastly get exactly what they deserve.

I consider myself to be in this online business industry for a long period of time and attempted and experienced company chances and various ways and approaches of earning money online.

And i was among those who actually struggled for months and years. Going from zero to few hundreds a month and pull back to no again.

The things simply appear to never working out for me exactly how i wanted.

However i never ever quit and kept on attempting.

I realized that i’m doing something wrong so i stopped doing exact same things and mistakes.

Right here is things. You will either continue trying or you begin DOING!

These are 2 really different terms and your success depends on it.

When you are all the time simply trying, it implies that you never do the things on 100 % properly.

Stop Trying and Start Doing

On the other hand when you begin doing things, instead of just trying, you are immediately setting your subconscious mind to make things take a place “doing”.

Trying is false. When you state, i’m going to attempt, your subconscious mind already decline the success much like you already failed.

Do you see what i mean by that?

This is very important and it took me very long time to start “doing” instead of “trying”.

So get rid of the fear of failure, the fabricated worry that is holding you back from your success.

That would be it for today and hope that all of you will do the right step into the 2014!

All the best to everyone’s success in 2014!

Get More Out Of Blogging With These Great Tips!

Get More Out Of Blogging With These Great Tips!

BloggingBlog Get More Out Of Blogging With These Great Tips!

Blogging is an excellent way to express yourself. It is also a great way to attract and connect with others who share similar interests. You may start a blog to get your ideas and opinions out there, but it can also be a great way to make money, once you gather a following.

If you don’t want to create your own blog from scratch, use a blogging service. Blogging services come in two main varieties. Hosted blogging services store your blog on the company’s servers, while installed services run on your own domain. Some blogging services, such as WordPress, can be used in both ways. Whether you choose hosted or installed, using a blogging service lets you update your blog with a convenient control panel.

Use the correct spam filter for comments. If you require registration to comment, a CAPTCHA on the registration page is usually sufficient to keep spammers away. If you allow anonymous comments, an “advanced CAPTCHA,” that is, one that asks the user for “the number of hours in a day” or something similar is usually enough. Avoid services like Akismet, as these produce lots of false positives.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about. By doing this you will have a true interest in the things you are blogging about and this will reflect in your writing. It may sound silly but when you are passionate about the things you write about, your readers will be able to tell.

Utilize Twitterfeed in order to increase the interest of your most current posts in Twitter. Having said that, you should ensure that you don’t simply use Twitterfeed. Being an actual person on Twitter is the first thing that you should do above all else. Otherwise, Twitterfeed will not help you.

Free Online Forums

In order to successfully run a blog, you need ideas. To help you get these ideas you should visit forums other forums and blogs. Also, a lot of the time the people who comment on your blog are great at generating new information that you might never have thought about before. To be relevant in today’s blogging world, you need to constantly come up with fresh material that people want.

Participating in forums and other blogs that are similar to your blog’s niche is a great way to promote your site. Simply place a link to your blog when you are participating in these forums and blogs to get more and more viewers to your site, which means more money for you.

Make sure that you go to the place that your readers are. All markets are different. Many of your readers may prefer to hang out on social websites. If so, then you should frequent these sites often. Many may enjoy hanging out on particular forums. If so, visit these forums. By going to where your readers are, you can draw in additional readers.

When you create a successful blog, you will find readers from around the world who are interested in your opinions. Use the helpful tips in the article above to find interactive readers from across the globe, keep them interested and potentially, use your blog to create an additional income for yourself.

Check out our online marketing forum here with more than 10 000 registered users!                                                                                                                                      

Steps To Financial Freedom

Steps To Financial Freedom

FinancialFreedom Steps To Financial FreedomVirtually everybody eventually in life, searches for that elusive “steps to financial freedom”. This road is on millions of maps. It has actually been researched and blogged about a million times or more. Few people in fact discover it and discover where it leads to. Although there are no warranties in life, you may have the ability to get on this roadway if you follow these practical ideas.

In order to have cash to invest in any kind of endeavor, you have to possess properties. Perhaps you are thinking about borrowing the money you need.

Do not attempt to save an excellent deal of cash at the start. The technique is, to get rid of the cash from the account before you anything else. If you withdraw cost savings within the first few years, you totally ambush your efforts and they become worthless.

TheRoadToFinancialFreedom Steps To Financial Freedom

This could seem excessively easy and “simply too easy”, however the truth stays you have to begin from somewhere and that is “square one”. In other words, there are no genuine short cuts to discovering the necessary steps to financial freedom.

Only one person wins when you gamble, and that is the house. Yes, they could pay out substantial payouts at times, however they constantly take in even more than they pay out. They chances are dreadful, and there is no various other means to put it.

Playing the lotto fills numerous individuals with false hopes. For a lot of individuals sooner or later never comes, and meanwhile the children still require shoes and the rate of gas continues to go up.

If you want to spend a dollar every so often on a long shot, it is fine, however spend the dollar then set about your business. If you win something, it will be a pleasant surprise. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for frustration and suffering, in most cases.

Separate your long term financial freedom dreams from your short-term ones. Short term objectives must be in your mind at all times. Long term objectives should stay in the back of your mind most of the time. Hiring a great monetary organizer is an excellent way to enhance your probabilities for success. You will have access to important methods that can earn you cash in ways you were unaware of. She or he will deal with you to give you the very best probabilities for finding the steps to financial freedom.

My Top Tier Business – Done for You Online Marketing System

My Top Tier Business

Welcome to My Top Tier Business (MTTB) the internets just ‘done-for-you’ automated marketing system that transfers $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions into your checking account without you ever needing to pick up the phone.

I recently stumbled upon an online business chance that got my eye balls concentrated called My Top Tier Business established by Matt Lloyd.

As you probably know or perhaps you don’t, i like to do the looks into about all kind of different online company chances that are openly offered on the web.

The reason i do this is to offer people with a truthful evaluations and offer them an idea whether they ought to sign up with or not.

In This Case You Are Reading My Top Tier Business Review

My impression about My Top Tier Business was that it’s fraud, due to the fact that it simply seemed too good to be real.

I was just reviewing a Facebook post stating that he transferred over $30 000 within last 72 days providing the screenshot too.

Well, we all know that it’s not so tough to develop an artificial screen shots in nowadays.

But still, i was curious exactly what else has My Top Tier Business site has to state, so i jumped in immediately and watched the video performance.

It amazed me that the video presentation was quiet helpful and straight forward.

Matt also shew some pictures from the events that he just recently did, revealing the genuine people and genuine faces on the phase supporting the checks to them.

Amongst the many unidentified people i likewise recognized some of the familiar faces such as John Chow, extremely successful online marketer, and Jonathan Budd.

I don’t know John or Jonathan personally, but i stumbled upon John Chow and his online advertising training courses in the past and had an honor to talk with John.

Fair enough!

So far so excellent, i stated to myself.

Actually the claim is that you get the whole automatic system transferring $1000, $3000 up to $5000 for virtually cost-free, just a little starting deposit of $49, essentially l to avoid of tyre-kickers, so that you personal coach that is asigned to you inside My Top Tier Business members location do not lose the time with individuals who are not serious about their business.

Well, once more, reasonable enough!

As well as Matt Lloyd claim that he will give you $500 if you won’t make at least $1000 within first 30 days, following the 21 actions that are readily available to you inside my top tier business members location, which the initially essential action to be able to continue is to get in touch with your individual coach.

I’m right in the process of going through the 21 action program and will all inform you about the progress.

My last words about My Top Tier Business would be that Matt Lloyd is doing really good task to draw in more members to sign up with MTTB and so far his comapny seem to be legitimate and truthful.

Now, checked out a little short article that i copied from his site.

I hope you like my evaluation, if you do please comment, share and talk you quickly!

The truth you are below informs both of us a couple of things … You are ready for a change in your life … You want to make even more cash; attain your own personal and expert objectives, and you almost certainly believe you are worth more than exactly what the world is currently telling you are worth.

Well, we’re here to assist you arrive and our intention is to be one of your biggest proponents.

We constructed My Top Tier Business system, which is one of numerous that MOBE provides, as the antidote to all the get-rich-quick, make-it-sound-easy, why-can’t-I-figure-this-out programs out there. The Internet is littered with systems promising you a simple means to obtain rich on line and tragically either under delivers, with regard to the material that is essential to understand and does not have any support.

At MTTB, we keep our focus simple. It’s about YOU. In particular our focus is on two things:.

1. Offering YOU tools that can help you be successful NOW.

2. Teaching YOU methods that can help you are more successful in the future.
You’ll find in MTTB many functions and choices that don’t exist anywhere else on the Internet. Among the many are …

One on One training to set you up.
Training webinars.
Marketing done for you.
Sales closed for you.
Low to luxury item blends provided and handled for you.
Daily and Weekly training calls and webinars that assist you every action of the method.
Every dollar and every minute you invest with us is an investment in yourself and your future. Everybody here is dedicated to making this endeavor a profitable one for YOU !!

Work half as hard at this as many people do for an employer, believe in the procedure and it’s fairly guaranteed that your life will alter permanently.

Please remember we are all committed to your success.

Your First Steps …

The MTTB is consisted of 21 essential steps, all which have to be done within 21 days. You’ll be working 1-on-1 with your very own Top Tier coaches, who will reveal you exactly how our Top Tier Income system works, and exactly how you can use it to routinely make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions.

In the beginning, you’ll cover the basics and later continue with the more complex strategies that effective online marketers use.

It’s crucial to have a solid base and understanding in place, before we can begin showing you the more complex methods that result in the $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 earnings levels.

Our coaches have actually been at this for a long period of time, and are here to assist you get outcomes.

Below is Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that if you’ve not made your first dollar online after your first 30 days after completing the 21 steps, we will pay you $500 which includes your initial investment.

This is conditional on you;.

1. Finishing all 21 steps, in under 21 days.

2. Putting in a minimum of 30 minutes a day to complete this program. (If you’re not willing to invest 30 minutes a day– owning your own online business is most likely not for you).

3. Checking out and taking action on all the product, corresponding with your Top Tier coaches and acting on their suggestions, seeing all the training videos from start to finish, and attending all training webinars live. Our system logs this and your coach will ask you questions about exactly what you discovered, etc., as you progress.

Please ensure you completely comprehend the terms above before continuing. This is an employees program, and in order for you to benefit with it, you will have to invest the time needed (but it’s worth it!).

Put Aside All Distractions

You will start getting advertising emails MOBE (My Online Business Empire). Review them to obtain a feel for the dynamics of MOBE, though put them in a different apply for the time being. You can have the ability to them after you have actually been through all the standard work that should be done, and your coach offers you the thumbs-up!

The reason is … all this details will possibly sidetrack and confuse you.

It has occurred to a few of us on the team, and we don’t want it to happen to you!

The same with the MOBE emails and the MOBE back workplace. Most of the information is not appropriate to your needs at this time and will cause to distract you from the successful process we understand is the fast track to getting you online.

It’s like constructing a home. You wouldn’t start with building the sides without the foundation would you?

Similar to any effective undertaking, if you prepare your work correctly and properly work your strategy, you’ll attain in a short quantity of time what takes many individuals a lifetime. And we’re below to ensure you take the appropriate primary steps to do this.

So over the next couple of days, this internet site and your Top Tier coaches will give you all the necessary fundamental steps and thinking should build a very successful enterprise.

Each day, total at least one brand-new action. If you like, you can finish up to 3 steps in a single day– however it’s recommended you don’t do any more than that.

The objective is not to finish the 21 steps in record time: the goal is you totally comprehend each action prior to proceeding. This is exactly how you’re going to get maximum results.

BlogBeast 488x125 banner for RFI My Top Tier Business   Done for You Online Marketing System

Social Network Marketing – The Following Wave

Social Network Marketing – The Following Wave

MH900431741 Social Network Marketing   The Following WaveOne of the most well liked and profit-making ways to earn money on the web is by employing social networking.

Many individuals are making thousands of dollars a month using this strategy, but plenty more are not making any cash at all .

If you’re yet to join in the social media marketing fever, there are number of things that you really should know before you enter into this competitive market-place.

You’ll Need a Strategy

You have to check out the competition all the time and follow people in the same area of business, spy on them if you like, but see what they are doing that makes them successful.

You’ll find that the most successful folk are on every well-liked social sites all of the time. Social networking is a hands-on, each day business requiring long hours and learning.

It is not like having a stand alone website. The word “social” means what it says.

It’s real folk that you are dealing with and others would like to see you’re also a genuine person, you have got to build relationships and finally, just like building off-line friendships, folk will learn to trust you.

After you enter the world of social networking, no one knows who you are, so part of the method is to build your internet character, have interaction with other folks regularly, i.e. Be sociable. You cannot mix your private life with your business life, when starting social networking on Facebook you must create a page for your business, and keep this totally separate.

Photos of you at a party with a beer in your hand, and comments from your chums about how great the party was, isn’t going to electrify anybody if they’re mixed up with your business promotions. Do you understand this? Few folks will buy something from you, if they believe that all you do is party constantly. The key is, keep your business and personal life separate, brand yourself, although you will finish up looking like a schizophrenic.

Social Network Marketing using Video

YouTube is an awesome opportunity to make money, there are billions of hits on videos each day, so if you need to become part of the social networking scene, find out how to make excellent videos and brand yourself by being in them.

Get over being camera shy ; video making just involves some learning and practice. Video has become an integral part of marketing these days; you find them everywhere in e-mails, on sites, in blogs and on other social media sites.

Video Marketing is just like in the old days of face-to-face marketing, when folks went out and stood in malls, or invited people to their home for Tupperware parties, when folks see you, like and trust you, then they will buy.

Social marketing is Just Attraction Marketing

Always show your face and ensure you are all grins! You’ll never become successful if you hide behind an impersonal avatar, or post a picture of your dog!

Manifestly in social media people want to start to know you and what makes you tick. If you do push your business through social media sites, you can expect to encounter folk who need to socialize too much, and you will have to learn how to be respectful to keep those distractions to a minimum. In fact , this is how you hope to earn your revenue, so you need to keep your real socializing separate.

The Key is to master the art and science of social network marketing for online M.L.M lead generation. Think attraction marketing.

Think leads. Think branding

Think about “building a business” not just a downline.

For instance, done right you can literally create leads on demand, pocket thousands of bucks in commissions, and sign up more people in a month than most folks do all year long… By simply promoting one giant online social network marketing system. Click right now for additional information.

Top Social Networking Sites – Get Prospects and Social Proof

Top Social Networking Sites: How you can Get Prospects and Social Proof for Free! Vingler

If you never found out about the site called “Vingler” then it’s most likely almost the time to get to know more about one of the top social networking sites on the internet which enables you to acquire social signals, get social proof for your site or blog and get prospects– All that totally free!

Just what it requires is invested a bit of your time every day to make the credits that are needed for getting Facebook suches as, Google +1’s, Twitter followers, Youtube views, Pinterest fans and numerous more.

You can earn as lots of credits you like as long as you continue taste, following and sharing others profiles, pages, internet sites. As soon as or you can do a little bit each and every day, you can make credits all at.

SEO Strategy in 2014

Essentially It’s really smart system that permits you to expand your social networking sites and websites free and naturally and get social proof normally which will be increasingly more fundamental part of SEO in 2014!

It’s a good option for those who don’t want to invest and pay a little bit extra each month for similar services. Of course these paid services have one big advantage and it’s that the whole process is always automated, so you don’t have to spend much time, which i prefer not to.

This allows me to focus on different things. I like to automate as much as i can.

Why Would You Need Social Proof From Top Social Networking Sites?

There is simple answer for this concern. It’s “Because Google Wants it!” and Vingler can help you to attain it!

You see, the easy SEO techniques back in a day are not longer working as Google is frequently releasing new updates on the purpose of removing these so called “Black Hat SEO” approaches and strategies (like keyword stuffing, massive backlinking etc.) and so websites.

That’s why the real and natural social signals are ending up being more and more important for website rankings, I would say even more important than backlinking nowadays.

Naturally that you need some great quality and authority backlinks too, and there are many good and powerful SEO programs for that such as UAW (must have), Social Monkee, SEO Zen (very new and powerful), EVO Pro and more.

It’s basically essential to have a variety of backlinks such as social links, High PR (page rank) links, blog links, short article directories links etc.

Vingler will make your website and social networking sites expand on popularity which is precisely what you want.

I personally like to mix these social links even a bit more so I also use SocialAdr (recommended – perfect for social backlinks) and TribePro (quick social blast), which are free and paid subscription programs, depends if you get just basic level or you upgrade. It worth it to pay a little additional.

ENROLL IN Free Vingler Account Here

You can also have a look at my recommended SEO Software and training for WordPress.

Thank you for reading my article about Top Social Networking Sites: How to Get Prospects and Social Proof free of charge!

Internet Marketing – Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2013

Internet Marketing – Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2013

Small businesses are going under by the dozen daily in this tough economy, but there are several free or minimal cost selling ideas for small business. Small outlets may continue to fail as shops like Walmart and Target continue to tough it out for market domination by offering stupidly low prices on everything from clothing to electronics to food.

When small businesses fall prey to this impossible competition, folk lose their livelihoods and communities lose valuable resources.

Hence how is a small business to stay alive in these hard times?

Folks who have a bricks and mortar business have their battle in their hands especially if they sell anything which is sold by these giant chains.

To promote the product successfully, you have to be an expert and unique in what you do and supply best customer services to draw in and keep shoppers.

Look at what the major chains don’t offer and you will see that shopper service is a thing of the past, their stores all look the same and if they haven’t got what you need, you are sunk. Local businesses are what make a community and people who’ve selected to start their own businesses have a fondness for what they do and they love to help when was the last time that happened in your local Wallymart?

It is surprising to find out that many small businesses don’t prefer to have a website.

These business owners are unaware of the fact that Google loves small business and support them by placing them on top page of the search results provided they put the name of the city and relevant offerings on their webpage.

This offers a very gigantic advantage to small business owners. Besides this, small business owners can list their sites in local directories through the local Chamber of Commerce, as an example, either for a small fee or for nothing.

Starting and maintaining a website is not complicated or expensive, nowadays a fascinating WordPress site can be built in less than 2 hours all that it costs is monthly hosting and a web site name charge.

On a local strip I lately asked eleven small business owners if they had a domain and just one announced yes. If you would like to start your own business the market is wide open to help these folks out and make yourself a great living, I just wish That I had the time.

All a small local business needs is a Google map of where they are , a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact information, some great photos and maybe a history of the business and that’s it!
Add an opt in box and a once per month newsletter can go out, coupons can be despatched and sales articulated, and with the addition of some affiliate advertizing the site can basically make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs concerned.

Net businesses have a much harder task on their hands. They have much bigger competition and must employ SEO and a lot of other promoting methods, particularly to make a list of customers.

A website’s recognition reflects numerous things: the age of the site, the consistency with which it is updated, the value of its content and the relevancy of its content and the number of backlinks it has . Just like a small business, asite should offer beneficial information, great customer service and brand itself as being unique. It’s all about attraction marketing.

Find out how even small businesses or individuals could build a 5 or 6 figure income business from online marketing. See Here

Internet Marketing – Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2013

What Are The Rules Of SEO for 2014? Will Spun Content Still Work In 2014?

What Are The Rules Of SEO for 2014? Will Spun Content Still Work In 2014?

A few days ago, I found an article write-up about the SEO rules for 2014 . It was a fantastic short article. I’ve made some notes and bookmarked it. I could wish to read it once again someday.

There was one point that I didn’t such as. They claimed that spun blog post is useless, simply that it doesn’t work anymore. From now on, they stated, you should by hand reword \* ALL \* your information.

I really need TONS of material every day. I make assistance websites. It’s merely IMPOSSIBLE to by hand compose that much
content. Day in and day out.

The good news is, the writer of the post is wrong. It’s true that \* inadequately \* rotated blog post is dead. Nothing brand-new here and I have been notifying regarding that for months … But, if the content is spun with the ENL semantic turning formula, Google can not detect it.

Ok, Right here is an instance of this algorithm’s work:.

Joe could loosen up and check out a publication due to the fact that his little ones.
could book the vacation for your man.

As soon as it’s scheduled, he will certainly enjoy an exceptional movie.
and consume wine, beer, or whiskey.

Here is some produced variants of spun content:

Because his kids could quickly schedule the vacation for him,.
Joe can check out a book and unwind.

He will definitely take pleasure in an outstanding movie and beverage.
draught beer, whiskey, or cabernet once it’s booked.

No Copyscape problems. No replicate material penalty. Entirely readable.


Without any type of work. All thanks to among my favored devices, Spin Rewriter.

affiliate promo material 1 banner 300x250 What Are The Rules Of SEO for 2014? Will Spun Content Still Work In 2014?

What Are The Rules Of SEO for 2014? Will Spun Content Still Works In 2014?

Still, there’s more! The men over at Spin Rewriter have actually just introduced version 4.0. With much more fantastic features and with the brand-new article creating algorithm.

Rotate Rewriter now sees to it that just the most UNIQUE write-ups are generated. You could want to.
Take an appearance at it …

I’m using it utilizing day and integrate it into many in to numerous software tools software application plugins that I create. It assists me create greater than 200 distinct articles every day. In merely 10 minutes. At no price.

You must try it, it costs less than 10 manually created articles which is a BARGAIN …

Also, I have actually organized for you to obtain to check drive it for FREE for 5 days, so you can see just how powerful it really is …

Find Out how i’m making money on the internet from home

Revolutionary and Best Blogging System – Blogging for Business

Revolutionary and Best Blogging System – Blogging for Business

Join ENv 2.0 Now!

If you have been in Denver Empower Network seminar you probably know what ENv 2.0 is all about and if you were not you had a chance to watch some of the seminar replay when it was still available for the fraction of the price of $197.

Why you would need to watch the EN seminar replay from Denver

As i said, if you are already a member of Empower Network you sure got an email with link to the replay copy of the EN seminar.

Or if you are very new to this whole thing and thinking of blogging for business this is the best opportunity to get the best blogging system or platform, if you will, to start right now!

In Denver they went through all advantages and strategies revealing the right marketing formula for ENv 2.0.

I cannot tell you everything that was presented to those who been on 3 day seminar with the top leaders Dave Wood, Dave Sharp, Vick Strizheus and many more..simply because 100 page article would n’t be enough to give you all the content that is necessary for you to know.

It was just astonishing and so powerful knowledge to start and do things right in the right order, how you could leverage the ENv 2 launch into your benefit and profit.

I can only tell you that this launch contest will double, triple or even quadruple your profits with Empower Network. Of course, as i said only if you do thing right in the right order, which was revealed in Denver.

If you were fast mover and took the action before midnight September 14th, you could get that copy of marketing formula for ENv 2.0.

Unfortunately the replay isn’t available anymore and we don’t know when or if will be available again.

And if the EN seminar replay from Denver will be available again it will be probably for double price of $397. But it’s still bargain for so powerful knowledge which could be leverage only into your own profit.

The main point of Denver seminar was to give you that knowledge before ENv 2 launch, so everyone who was lucky to be there or purchased the copy, have the time for set up the absolutely killing campaign for ENv 2.

ENv 2 will launch within 20 – 30 days from now and will be one of the most amazing things that Empower Network ever released!

large letmeinnow Revolutionary and Best Blogging System   Blogging for Business

Ordinary People Achieving Phenomenal Success

Ordinary People Achieving Phenomenal Success

What Makes These Success Stories

MH900431741 Ordinary People Achieving Phenomenal SuccessOrdinary people achieving phenomenal success, that’s what makes these success stories a lot appealing for me. They let me recognize that it’s never ever late when it pertains to starting an online business of your own. If an ordinary Canada based blog writer Christian Lander could gain himself a book deal with 300,000$ advancement within 2 months of introducing his blog ( and if a 17 years senior high school drop-out Ashley Qualls could obtain her website placed by Quantcast as 349th among 20 hundred sites, why cannot you be successful? That’s rather I hear myself asking every time I reviewed a success tale of such kind.

Why sharing a company success story? These tales are shared to inspire, to aid you understand that no one is incapable of everything, to assist you develop self self-confidence in yourself and motivate you to start a company of your own related to the passion of your own.

Below are 4 Rags-to-Riches stories I would certainly like to share with you.

Success story # 1

Jacquie Lawson, at 62, an aged grandmother in the West Sussex, England, educated as an illustrator, created a website to flaunt her job, enable people download her animated e-cards and share them with their relatived. The very first e-card she developed was for the occasion of Christmas, she sent it to her pals and visited Australia for a while.

When she returned from Australia, she had 1600 messages waiting, from people all over the world that had received her e-cards; they had actually valued her work and asked her for even more of such cards. Long story short, the site has 531,227 members now, each of them pay a yearly membership cost of $6.80, generating a fortune of $3.6 hundred a year.

Success story # 2

Ashley Qualls, an American entrepreneur from Lincoln Park, Michigan, at 14, started a website called The website offered MySpace web page layouts free of cost and supplied HTML tutorials for people of her age.

This website assisted her earn as long as $1million from Google AdSense and brings in a month-to-month earnings of $70,000.

Many offers have actually been made to acquire her business ever since however she has actually turned down all them consisting of the deal of 1.5 thousand buck and a car of her option.

Success story # 3

Christian Lander, a Canadian blog writer and a McGill grad, in January 2008, made a blog called “Stuff White People Like”. It was a hilarious blog aimed at the interests of North Americans. Just two months after the beginning of the blog, the unforeseen occurred and the man succeeded a manual deal with the major publisher, Random House, for a front money of $300,000.

The website brought in almost 15 thousand visitors within the time of 2 months. The book when it comes to the same name as the blog was launched in July, 2008 and became a bestseller of its time.

Success story # 4

Keller Hawthorne, an on-line business owner from the US, at 22, began her internet outlet, the KBH site however was unsuccessful in having greater than 10 sales that year. It wasn’t possible to take place by doing this. She made extensive study on how to be an effective business owner online, spent for some online programs and while doing that happened upon some really valuable resources like These sources aided her out of her misery and quickly the moment and initiative she had actually contributed repaid; by the time she became 26, she was currently successful; she was operating 2 e-commerce websites particularly Theme Kitchen and Theme Bathroom.

Her individual blog, where she informs her excellence story and aids others pick up from her experience of on the internet company, obtained placed 6th in Google web page ranking. Remarkably, within next three weeks, she had taken care of to elevate her page’s rank to 3rd variety.

And today it could be you who create a success story and build the dream lifestyle that you deserve!

Contact Us at [email protected] for the first free business consultation.

Only the Key to Success, Wealth and Happiness

Only the Key to Success, Wealth and Happiness

FasterWebsiteRanking Only the Key to Success, Wealth and HappinessThe only way to success can be found within yourself. Consistent belief and self confidence is the major key to success.

To be able to achieve your goals, you must visualize a picture of yourself such as you are already in possession of money, success or anything you want to achieve. Program your subconscious mind and do do the little step toward your goal each and every day.

Inside our group you can find some of the best training from the best and the most successful people on the planet, such as Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Les Brown and more.

All these people can give you their biggest secrets about how they achieved their success and what exactly was the most important breakthrough in their lives when they realized that they can achieve almost any goal they want.

Now i tell you exactly why you should listen to these people.

The main reason is that all of them been in the same situation as you probably are right now.


At the very bottom where you think that there is not possible way out.

But some of them started to listen to the right people, some of them started to read the right books etc..and something just literally shifted in their minds.

And this absolute change basically changed their lives and entire view, and lifted their confidence and so income as fast as you could even imagine!

And i tell you my friend, these people are not any special, smarter or lucky. They just found, somebody would call “the secret”, which was there all the time, just waiting for to be found and applied.

Each ONE of US have the same ability to do so, if you just consistently focus on your goals and have faith, belief!

Amazing stories that worth to watch over and over again.

There’s also a book hat i personally read and recommend to everyone who’s serious and want to change the life for better.

It rapidly changed my life and thinking so will yours!

Download the FREE e-book HERE <<<

Join us and get on the journey to the success, wealth and happiness.

Time is Money – How to Automate Your Marketing

Time is Money – How to Automate Your Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing

TimeIsMoney Time is Money   How to Automate Your MarketingBack in 2011, Youtube struck the Golden 1 Trillion Hits. Currently there is 48 hours of video material published every min to YouTube.

When you know the tricks to Ranking in YouTube, numerous of which come default in our Software, you’ll learn how simple it is to get excellent positions in YouTube AND Google. Local Marketing becomes a Breeze, simply check out our examples developed just while testing the software in the testimonial page.

If your Brand is not present on YouTube you are either Missing out or do not even Exist. YouTube is taking control of the Media World. Its obtaining popularity over basic media companies at a rapid rate. You Need to Be there, The work you put in Now will be Present permanently! Utilizing our SEO strategies and techniques, your videos just get even more popular over time. The work you do now, you will remain to be paid for, for life. They do not go away.

The large amount of functions you’ll see listed below are about 50 % of the functions we have available to us. We will be releasing a growing number of functions over the next coming months. Though costs will increase when these are included, get in now and you’ll never pay any more. Though by the time all these features are released, there will be numerous more once again. This is just the begining and an exceptional time to become a member at these extremely low prices.

Automated Video Marketing

Having the power to invest just a couple of minutes each day to curate compile and upload 100’s VSEO ‘d videos each day to YouTube indicates we’ll need to price restriction the membership. We cannot have 1000’s of members uploading 100’s per day, simply does not make sense, to avoid this and to make sure durability, in time we will have to increase the price of the software. Though existing customers will never ever pay more than their original price of membership.

Fully Automated Video Marketing Software

In case you didn’t know, this is THE ONLY software application on the marketplace thatVideoMarketingSoftware 300x232 Time is Money   How to Automate Your Marketing does every little thing you need, e.g source material, assemble it, make it completely one-of-a-kind each time a video is developed, giving the capacity to create and publish as lots of videos as you have actually keyword phrases to rate for. You can fill out a new Youtube channel and have them ranking over night while you sleep. I do not really think it gets any better than this. This isn’t some wild claim, our customers are doing this Right Now!

You have an Inhouse Professional Software advancement team creating and backing up this Software item that has currently over 1,5 million lines of code. The beauty of this is that as the membership expands and we get an increasing number of recommendations, we can impliment these on the fly, you get the most existing version of the software each time you begin it, so the membership is like an alive organism that continues to expand over time. We have actually an established Professional Support team to assist if needed.

Time is Money

Time is Money, we all know that, with our software application, the most time you’ll require is doing your Niche Research, that takes way longer than the actual video manufacturing, it uploads while you do even more research. Picture discovering 100 awesome associated keyword phrases related to your top level Niche you wish to promote, start the software application, use regional images or utilize the keyword function to source pertinent images to your specific niche, add title info, include text info for slides, add your description and tags information, the same as you do when you include simply one video to youtube manually, but then begin the software application and it goes out and does the rest and produces / uploads one distinct video all VSEO ‘d by default to your YouTube channel.

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More of the software and products recommendations

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Time is Money – How to Automate Your Marketing

Highly Effective SEO Strategies from Bring the Fresh

Highly Effective SEO Strategies from Bring the Fresh

728x90freshBTF Highly Effective SEO Strategies from Bring the Fresh
Bring the Fresh is quiet new membership site with very descriptive video training about SEO and web development.  They are really standing out with their highly effective SEO strategies that you barely find somewhere else.

I know because i’m a member of Bring the Fresh for about an year now and have to say that it really gave me some more ideas and insights about SEO and how SEO exactly work.

Just wanted to let you all know that this can pretty much expand your knowledge of SEO and traffic getting techniques even if you think that you know enough to call yourself an expert.

I’m doing SEO stuff for past 3 years now and really didn’t think that this could give me such a fresh info.  I mean, we learn everyday and from our experience and i’m sure that i could find or figure out things that i learned inside the Bring the Fresh myself but it would take me definitely much longer.

With “Bring the Fresh” you have everything at your finger tips and you can try and start implementing stuff right away.  So why not to save yourself some time.

The founder of the Bring the Fresh site is quiet known cool guy that some of you might know from the series of “Buffy the Vampire Slaughter”, Kelly Felix.

I  know, such a weird name for an ex-actor icon smile Highly Effective SEO Strategies from Bring the Fresh

And also with co-operation with Mike Long who is also co-founder  of another successful SEO training course that was announced and opened last year with Greg Morisson, called OMG Machines (aka One Man Gang).

I’m a member of OMG too.  Very powerful stuff!

Although, Greg Morisson was able to make over $1 000 000 within one year just from SEO!  He’s really the guy to learn from.

Both of these courses cover much of the SEO that not many people know with detailed video training that specially newbies would highly appreciate.

In a nut shell, Bring the Fresh and OMG Machines will show you how to build and grow your online business empire from the scratch effectivelly and with strong confidence.

Newbie friendly but even the advantage online marketers and web developers would have so much to learn from these online SEO training courses.

Highly effective SEO strategies for 2013!
asleep bringthefresh Highly Effective SEO Strategies from Bring the Fresh

Website Traffic and Website Ranking – Full Week Study!

Full Week Study of Website Traffic

Hello my Loyal Readers,

It’s been a while you last time heard from me (maybe about a week or so), which i consider pretty long time without me writing down any notes or review here on my website.

Well, there was a good reason for that.

OnlineTrafficTraining Website Traffic and Website Ranking   Full Week Study!I was pretty busy with learning some more advanced stuff by attending to some high quality online course about new (at least new for me) traffic getting strategies, learning from highly respected and successful online marketers, as i was long time craving to do so.

As you probably know, my whole idea and vision about this website is about to give away to you guys some cool SEO and FREE traffic getting strategies. (If you don’t know i recommend you go throughout my website and have a look at some good stuff).

Well, i should say almost free, because even if we talk about free SEO organic website traffic it’s never totally free, is it.  But at least reduced cost down as much as possible, and rank your site well as fast as possible.

You don’t want to spend years on building your blogs rankings and authority, do you!?

And that’s basically what i’m going to talk about now just in a bit.


All the SEO stuff is cool, i have spent very long time and some money as well to learn how the whole SEO thing actually works.

And ther are those updates, so you have to always keep yourself “Up to Date” when it comes down to SEO.

The thing are changing!

Faster and faster!

Website Traffic and Website Ranking – Full Week Study!

The Most Targeted and Fastest Website Traffic Equals Paid Traffic

So, what are these secret traffic getting strategies that i attended to learn last week.WebsiteTraffic Website Traffic and Website Ranking   Full Week Study!

It Is Paid Traffic!

The paid traffic does not only generate the targeted traffic very fast and quickly increase you sales, but also skyrocket your website ranking and you’ll be loved by Google!

From my experience i can say that paid traffic increase your website ranking approximately 5 times faster than any SEO tricks and strategies that i know.

And as we know, fast website traffic equals more conversions and more sales.

From the beginning of my online marketing career, if you will, i was never a fan of the “Paid traffic” such as paid advertising like PPC, PPV, buying Solo Ads or whether it’s paying the high ranking sites for displaying your banner on their site.

You may ask, why?

Because it didn’t seem to me cheap and i din’t how to do it.  I just wasn’t interested.

And that’s why i rather took my time and mastered SEO.

I got to say, well spent time as well.

But what i’ve learned last week absolutely blew me away!  And seriously, i didn’t expect that much from it, but this stuff what i’ve learned is awesome!

Now i understand why these guys are charging such a big money for such a information they are giving away.

And honestly, i tell you right now!

Not many people are teaching that kind of stuff what i’ve just leaned, simply because not many people know about that because they don’t know how to implement these things properly.

Paid Advertising is Hidden Goldmine

FasterWebsiteRanking Website Traffic and Website Ranking   Full Week Study!Paid advertising could be a GOLDMINE if you do it properly and right!

And it’s exactly what i was looking for though.

Fast an targeted traffic to my website and increase my website ranking.

Many people are staying away from this strategy from one reason or the other.  Maybe they spent a lot of money on advertising without any much of result.  Maybe they are just afraid to do it, because they don’t understand the principles of it.

That was my case by the way.

But now i can see the real power of paid advertising.  And it needed just a little bit of knowledge of know how and how to do things properly, so you don’t lose your shirt.

Well, that might be all for now.

I just wanted to leave a quick note about what’s happening right now and what’s going to be next.

Next time i’ll give you a little bit of insides of what i gladly paid for and discovered, as well as how it could possibly change your life.

So, if you want to really start making money online, get tons of website traffic, increase your website ranking fast and you have some cash to invest, i highly recommend that you stick with me and here because i’m going to reveal something really cool and awesome for you.

And of course you won’t pay me as much as i paid for my courses and classes.  Actually i’m going to give you the most of the stuff for FREE!

You are Welcome icon smile Website Traffic and Website Ranking   Full Week Study!

Also, i’m going to open my little SEO Academy Course, where you going to learn my best SEO tricks and tips as well as how to build a high quality website from the scratch.

Stay tuned, and talk soon!

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Website Traffic and Website Ranking – Full Week Study!

Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

Okay, i promised to give you some unique traffic getting strategies that are not so known.  When it comes down to the online marketing, online sales or advertising strategy, the traffic is crucial thing that you need to master in order to achieve some good results.

There are many different types of traffic getting strategies that you can implement for yourself.

Basically these strategies could be sorted by 3 main groups, which are:

These above are the the most common ways of getting traffic.

Now i’m going to talk about one paid unique traffic getting strategy that not many people know about and could be very lucrative and bring a lot of traffic to your website if you do it right.

The strategy is a little bit similar to guest posting, but right opposite.

If you are familiar with guest posting, i have tried it a lot, then you know what is it all about. For those who don’t know, you simply contact the bloggers that are in the same kind of niche as you are and you ask them to promote the link to your website on their blog, and agree the price.  But you have to make sure that they have enough of traffic flow to their site.

Guest Posting vs Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

UniqueTrafficGettingStrategies Unique Traffic Getting StrategiesGuest posting could be a good source of traffic, but also you could end up with very little traffic, and you just spend your money for nothing.  It’s quiet hard to elevate this.

It require quiet bit of research, but as i said if you do it right it could bring a lot of traffic.

In a nut shell, you need to find the people who are passionate about writing, mainly the writers that can write a good and quality content based on your criteria and niche.

There are a lot of good and hungry writers that would love to write, but have not really chance to make some money from their writing.

I mean, you can find a lot of article directories and websites that offer some potential of income if you provide them with quality articles, but honestly how much you can earn with them?

I tell you, you’ll be lucky if you earn a few bucks a year, and you still are not guaranteed that you actually will.

I know that, because i have tried that in the past when i was beginning.  I tried everything.

How To Find a Good Writer

So you need to find those who could write a great content and have big enough and activeGoodWriter Unique Traffic Getting Strategies social media presence like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon etc. I’ll explain why later.

You could find these people on already mentioned article directories, social media, or even some of the authority websites.  You can also go to and check their score of social presence.  As higher score as better of course, but any score above 50 is good.

If you can, i recommend to check their previous articles and writings to make sure that writing skills are sufficient for you.

Then you simply contact these people and ask them if they would be willing to write for your blog or website on weekly or monthly basis.  If they agree than you start negotiate the price per article.

It could be somewhere from $5-$10-$20, depends on the length of the article.  As longer as more you’ll have to pay.

Once both of you agreed on all criteria, the price and you receive your first article, there is one more thing that is essential to do.

After you publish the article on your website, you need to ask the writer share the article through his/her social media website like facebook, twitter and so on.

That’s why you need to check if they have big enough social media presence.

Everyone most likely would do it for you, although it’s their article, and if they are passionate about their writing, they most likely would share it to their audience.

If from any reason they say no, you should probably find someone other, because their social media share is actually the real power and huge source of traffic that you want.

Once you find solid and good writer with big social media presence, who doesn’t bother to share the article to his/her audience, you won.

It’s a little bit time consuming from the beginning, to locate the right writer, but once you have all set up it’s just going pretty smoothly.

I have recently tried this method for my other websites and it really works well.  Sometimes even better than guest posting.

Now, there are other well known traffic getting strategies and techniques, as i mentionaed above, but lets talk about them in the next article.

But if you really want to know the best and immediate unique traffic getting strategies Come to Join My Team and i promise that you will not regret!

It require a small investment to start, but in the end of the day the one who benefits is you icon smile Unique Traffic Getting Strategies

The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your Goals

The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your Goals

AchieveYourGoals The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your GoalsI would like to give everyone a little disclosure about absolutely unbreakable laws of self confidence in order to achieve your goals.  These are very essential psychological points of how to grow your own self confidence in order to become successful in your business, financial independence, in your life, basically anything you would like to achieve.  Also it has very positive effect on your  physical and psychical health.

And as more physically and psychically healthy you are as more successful you become and the other way around.

So, please listen carefully.

Try to think for a moment and ask yourself what is the main thing that holds you back in accomplishing any kind of success you would like to achieve.

I tell you, it’s the fear and doubt.

Fear And Doubt – The Greatest Enemy Of Ourselves

Now, just imagine that you will have absolutely guaranteed your success, no doubt, no fear of failure.  You would be unstoppable and you would just go and accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

Unfortunately the fear and doubt is somehow coded inside many of us, so that the major reason why people lose their self esteem.

But the good thing is that these two, fear and doubt are not fixed in our subconscious and could be unlearned.  If you cannot unlearn them you can never improve.  So you have to eliminate any fear and doubt that is inside you to prevent you from sabotage yourself.

Why all the all successful people are successful?  Because it’s the way they are.  Without fear of failure and doubt they are just following their goals.  But nobody starts that way, even these people had to built their self confidence.

When you born as a child you don’t have any of the special abilities.  The person you are today is based on what you been taught and what you learned whole your life.

So, important thing is to remember that the failure is natural and a part of the journey to success.  Don’t be afraid of your failure, on the other hand just try to figure out how to fix it and how to avoid of, whatever caused the failure, next time.

Stop thinking for a while about all your failures and un-reached goals.  Get rid of all your negativity right now and focus only on what you what you want to achieve and what is required to achieve your goals.  Make a crystal clear vision pointed to the detail.  Because you CAN do it, and there is nothing what could stop you in order to achieve your goals, your vision.

Remember that it is important to be very specific and clear about your vision, your goal.


Because only then you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve it.  Write it down on piece of the paper and set your deadline.  Say it to yourself several times a day.

Set your goal that you want to achieve as a part of your each and every day until you complete it.

And that’s why some people are more successful that the other.  Basically, build your self confidence!

The Laws of Self Confidence

All of this leads to the one law, and it’s “the law of cause and effect”.  Explained as,FinancialIndependence The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your Goals everything that is happening to us is happening from the reason.  Thoughts are causes and the conditions are effects.

The thoughts determine the quality of our lives, relationship, how much money we earn, what friends we have, our joy and happiness and so on.  Still, the most people falsely believe that their situation in life is determined by factor outside themselves.

Belief is one of the strongest emotion that we as the human beings have.  You have probably heard before the saying that “Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality”.  And that is true.  It can be explained as if you strongly believe your mind creates such strainer effect and you see the world through what is called screen of beliefs.  You don’t see the world as it is, but you see the world as you are.

Which is very powerful, because you actually see the things around you as what you believe and ignore things that are inconsistence with your beliefs.

The Belief – The Strongest and Most Powerful Emotion

And this is called “the law of belief”.

Almost all the people that reached their success have a one thing in common, and it is that they all their life absolutely believed that they are going to be successful one day with no doubt whatsoever.  This is based on the 25 years research of 500 individuals.

You always get the result consistent with your actions.

Is it easy to become financially independent? No.  Is it possible?  Of course it is.

The key is, always expect the best.  If you believe that you are going to be successful and that you gonna have a good life, than you have to act that way.  It’s important that you feel valuable and received by company of people that you find yourself in.

Each Human Being As The Living Magnet – The Law of Attraction

The Laws of Self Confidence The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your GoalsNow, in relation to all of this there is another important law, “The Law of Attraction”.  What is the law of attraction saying to us is that all human beings are living magnet.  And such as magnet attracts the metal, we attract the similarities to us.

If you are a good person thinking positive and wealthy, believing that one day you gonna be rich, then you will attract only the positive people, money and wealth.  If you are most of your life thinking negatively and thinking about that only bad things are happening to you, then it’s exactly what you attract and what is going to happen and that’s what you will experience.

It’s very important what you are most of the day thinking about.  Don’t overlook that!  Everything in the whole universe has it’s own vibrations, even the thoughts.  So, don’t talk and think about things that you don’t want.

Another thing is that in order to achieve your success, you have to stop blame anyone or anything around, even yourself for bad things or failures that happened.  Apart from blaming, just ask yourself “What is it in me”.  What is it in me that caused that happen.  Find it out and deal with it some way.

So to successfully summarize all of that what i was talking about, “You Become What You Think About Most of the Time”.  You change your thinking, you change your life!  And there is no other way.

To become successful and grow your self confidence step by step while you are creating your dream lifestyle of financial independence Follow our Group here and you have almost guaranteed your success because we help each other and everyone!

JoinBIMNow The Laws of Self Confidence in Order to Achieve Your Goals

Practice for achieving your goals

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Best Conversion Tracking Software – Increase Your Sales by 50%

Best Conversion Tracking Software

BestConversionTrackingSoftware Best Conversion Tracking Software   Increase Your Sales by 50%Conversion Tracking is one of the most essential thing in the entire internet marketing.  How your site is converting depends on many factors.

It’s kind of psychological thing, to be able analyze what kind of content, headers, links, pictures, layouts etc., is converting the best.  In the other words, what your visitors like the most and what is the target of the most of their clicks.

Why It’s So Important to Track Your Conversions?

Simply because if you will have some kind of niche site where you are driving the traffic, but conversions (clicks) are very low or almost non, all your hard work to get traffic to your site would be kind pointless.  Perhaps, you have heard before that the most important thing is to get a traffic to your website.

Well, it is very important, but if your visitors are not clicking on any of your links or ads all the traffic is useless.  You might say that you wouldn’t care that much if you are driving free organic traffic to your site, but you definitely would care if you are paying for your traffic!

But in the end of the day even free traffic isn’t totally free.  You are spending a lot of time on your SEO, writing content, submitting articles etc.  And the time is money my friend.  That’s just how it is.

In fact, to be able tracking your conversions is just as important as getting traffic.

That’s why every advanced internet marketer is using conversion tracking software, to see which of his pages, layouts, texts or links are converting the best, encouraging people to click.  Then he can focus on those that are generating the most of clicks and change those that are not.

Believe me it’s very important!  I didn’t give any attention to this when i was starting years ago, i was just focusing on traffic..traffic..traffic!  And ever since i started using conversion tracking software i can see that it was a big mistake.  I should do this from the beginning and could save myself a lot of struggle.

There are a lot of tracking tools and software on the internet, and for the most if not for all of them you have to pay monthly subscription if you want to use them.  The monthly fee could be somewhere around $47 – $197.  Depends on the features and how exact reports you are about to get.  So i know, that’s not very cheap for any beginning marketer, but it’s crucial to have those kind of software tools if you want the best results.

Increase Your Sales by 50%

IncreaseYourSales Best Conversion Tracking Software   Increase Your Sales by 50%And believe me it plays a big role in your income.  You could be possibly loosing hundreds of dollars, simply because your visitors are not encouraged enough to click on your links. In my case, when i started using conversion tracking software, my conversions and sales increased by over 50%!  Which is just incredible how much i was loosing.

Now, i found a solution how to avoid of monthly fees and still get all the features, even more, of tracking software. In the beginning of April, there’s been announced very new and from my opinion the best conversion tracking software, in the form of plugin for WordPress that is going to do all the job for one time payment fee!  Yes, no monthly subscriptions, just pay once and you can use it forever!

It’s very easy to use and you can have it up and running within one minute.  You have all the conversion tracking features at your finger tips inside your WordPress dashboard, which is very handy and it also save you the time on opening new window in your browser and logging into your tracker account.

You can get this Conversion Tracking Software Here for the lower price, but i can’t say how long it’ll remain for this price.  So you better be quick before the price goes up!

Really i have to say the best conversion tracking software so far!

Hope this article was helpful for you and talk soon.

Key to Success – Success Stories

Key to Success – Success Stories

Self Confidence Creates Success Stories

I just want to give you a quick post about a one thing that is creating so many success stories that are literally flooding the internet right now.

The most critical thing in your life if you ever want to achieve big success in your business, financial freedom or anything, is self confidence. The Laws of self confidence, that i’ll talk about in the next article, are reflected in anything we do in our life.  With strong and solid self confidence and believe you could achieve everything you ever wished for.

Everyday I’m getting several e-mails from people about their massive conversions with BIM. Even that some of them never made money on the internet before and now they do.

I shared some of my subscribers stories here though.

This system is converting like crazy, like non of the other before!  Thanks to the powerful BIM training, some people managed to make their first sales within 2 weeks!  Which is just amazing.

It’s so incredible that i had to get in as well, to see what is exactly BIM all about and what magical knowledge is Vick (the founder of BIM) sharing there that it’s having such a great success.

And honestly have to say that it’s really powerful.  I’d just wish that someone shared this kind of info with me before, when i was starting with internet marketing, so i didn’t have to do it hard way and figuring out most of the things myself.  But anyway, i’m here where i’m now, and am glad for that.

Now, you are probably wondering what BIM is and what it can do for you.

I’ll explain.

Key to Success

ReachYourGoals Key to Success   Success StoriesVick Strizheus, is one of the most successful marketer out there at the moment.  You might have not heard about him before, because he made his way up in the last two years or so.  His vision was so strong that he went from broke, working in a bank where making about $300 a week and stocked with debt, up into millionaire and the most successful coach in the whole internet marketing industry.  And i’m not exaggerate.

In the last two months he made almost 1.5 million dollars, just from the strategy that he’s teaching now though.

And how he could achieve that?

He is doing the right opposite that everyone is teaching out there.  Thinking outside the box and do things differently to position yourself above the competition is the right key!

You see, the most of the marketers coaches that are teaching some of the internet marketing strategies are not really qualified to do that.  And usually they are not making as much money as they say.  They are just trying to teach you the same thing that they reed or got somewhere else, with hope that you gonna purchase some of the products that they sell.

If you tried to make money online before, then you probably know what i’m talking about.  Your email inbox is flooding with product launches, offers like this is the best and that is must have million dollar program etc.

Although i tried to unsubscribe from all of them, i’m still getting some of these offers until now.  It’s just distracting and with this strategy you’ll never make any money or you’ll be very lucky if.

Have Clear Vision and Mindset to Reach Your Goals

Vision Key to Success   Success StoriesYou must have clear vision and mindset, set your exact target and follow it.  And that’s exactly what BIM is all about.  Giving a real value to the people and guide them step by step, teach them how to thing outside the box and finally make money.

Seriously, some of these people never made money online before and now they are looking at $5000 – $20 000 a month, just following this strategy.

It’s quiet funny, because i’m usually criticizing the online money making courses like that, because it’s just missing the real value.  They are all usually the same crap just masked in the different cover.  So that’s why i tried to wet my feet in BIM to see if it’s not just another.

I assure you, it’s NOT!

The free video series are just giving so much of value that it’s not wonder that it’s converting so well.  And even after this if you decide to not get in, you still end up with a free gift, the software for creating unique landing pages for yourself.

On the top of this you’ll be guided not only by Vick, but also you get access to the group of people who already have a big success and are willing to share their best ideas and strategies, what works for them and what does not, in order to help you get the good start.

It’s actually all nice people there fulfilled with positiveness without any negativity that might put you off.  The real people who are already making money online!

It’s hard to cover all in here in the single article, it’s just so much of powerful stuff there.

But if you wanna know more and discover the Key to Success, i suggest to GET IN and see yourself.  It’s the best advice i can give you.  You’ll be guided through the free video series and you’ll have enough of time to decide if this is what you want.

JoinBIMNow Key to Success   Success Stories

MakeMoney Key to Success   Success Stories

Key to Success – Success Stories

Thanks for reading and i hope this will really help you to achieve you own success, because that’s what is this all about.


Miro Lee

How to Change Your Life – Listen to the Success Stories

 How to Change Your Life

My Success Story – Something What Changed My Life!

organic traffic to your website How to Change Your Life   Listen to the Success StoriesI have to tell you about something that absolutely changed my life!  If somebody told me that this will create so much of success stories, i probably wouldn’t believe.

What exactly happened was that i finally convinced myself to get in the BIM group of very successful marketer, Vick Strizheus.  His success story is literally taking the internet by storm!  And if you don’t know who this guy is, i’m going to tell you a little bit about him.  But first i’m going to tell you a little bit about my success story, and what exactly i mean if i say that this changed my life.  And if you are willing this could change your life too!

For the past several years i have created a little business about SEO and internet marketing. I think that i don’t have to tell you how difficult all the way to where i am now it was.  After those several years i earned my self confidence in what i’m doing, which is SEO, web development and internet marketing reviews, im product reviews etc.

I own about 200 websites in any sort of different niches and different ways of monetizing.  You know, i have learned quiet a lot for all those years.  And here i want come to the point why i am telling you all of this.

The fact is that it took me a few years and a lot of hard work to develop and create source of income that is quiet sufficient for me.  But the ironic and funny thing is, that with this training or however you like to call it, it took me just about a few weeks to be on the kind of similar monthly income.  Isn’t it mad?

Not talking about that all hard work is done for you. All you need to do is to get traffic through your funnel, and even that is shown and explained inside.  So basically even if you never did anything like that before, you can easily copy step by step what is shown inside the members area.

I have a plenty of skills and have seen many of the similar products, training courses, but non of them was like this.  And if i say non, I mean NON!  Thumbs up for Vick and what he achieved and that he is willing to share with us all what he knows.  It Could not be better than this.

Vision of One Man

BecomeSuccessful How to Change Your Life   Listen to the Success Stories One man had a vision, an IDEA, and that idea spread all around the world and became alive!  And made so many people’s success stories that is just amazing.  This is the holy grail, specially for those people who need it the most!  Don’t worry my friend you wont be left on the side.  The team of successful BIMers is here to help you with anything you’ll need.  But without the effort from your side nothing cannot be accomplished.

The fact is that “the Man” (Vick) was once broke as well.  And here is he now! At the top of the ladder.  He is the real living proof of what can be accomplished when you are desperate and absolutely looking for the way out of it by doing anything what you can and what’s in your power!  And if you can’t do that, you are not so desperate and you probably don’t need this.  Don’t go for this if you are not 100% convinced that you can change your life for the better.  Your self-confidence in this, is very important!


If You Desire Something Enough You Will Do Anything to Achieve It

In the case you still don’t know what i mean by all of that, i’ll give you one good example.  If you are stocked under the water and you are running out of oxygen, you’ll do absolutely anything to get on the top of the water to get your breath of the air!

  • Set your goal
  • Focus on what you want to achieve
  • And Follow it

These three thing are the most important for you to be able change your life in any kind of way!

And i’m telling you, once you join our group and follow the steps and principles with 100% focus on, you’ll be a winner!

I know how hard it is to be trying to achieve your goals alone and without the right advise because years ago i have been there.  That’s why i’m telling you that this is the best way to be involved, if you don’t want to spend months and months trying to figure out how to do the things and how the things works.

You will have any kind of necessary advise at your finger tips from the people who have already done that.  No greed, no envy, just willing to help as the return, because that’s exactly what they got when they have been on your place.

If you there are any questions or anything that you need just send me an email at: [email protected]

Follow our BIM group and find out HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY!

Success Stories and Motivation

Build Your-Self Confidence and Become Successful

Build Your-Self Confidence and Become Successful

BigIdeaMastermind Build Your Self Confidence and Become Successful

Self Confidence

Build your-self confidence is very important fact to become successful in your business or in whatever you do and want to achieve.  Doesn’t matter if you are just at the beginning of your career or running a business already.  The important thing is to have a vision that you feed with your own mindset and confidence.  Starting every day with positive mind set and trying to improve whatever you do each and single day.

There is no room for to be negative and skeptic about your goals that you want to achieve.  I’m telling you this because i know how this works.  I won’t be telling you how i was starting and how i struggled just because of my negativity that nothing goes exactly how i want.

But i tell you that once i started being more positive and rather looked at the things that i achieved than things that didn’t work out, everything changed begun slowly coming my way exactly how i wanted.

The thing is that not everything in our lives will how we want it to be.  But what we can do is deselect those negatives and focus on those positive things that moves us forward, that we appreciate.  Moving forward instead of being stocked and looking at the past failures.

That’s the KEY my friend!

Step by Step Build Your-Self Confidence to Become Successful 

Failures are natural and essential part of our lives, such as we are not 100% perfect but we can learn from our mistakes and avoid of them in the future and become more confident.  Build your-self confidence step by step such as builder is building the house from the foundations and in the end of the day he will be looking at the palace, the great success.  And it took me a quiet while before i figured it out.  And that’s why i want to share this thoughts with you, because i’d like for you to realize the same thing.

Take your time and everything starts to be more clear and much more positive for you.  The great Rome wasn’t build in a day, the strong tree didn’t grow in a no time – it took him several years to grow his roots and body strong enough.  So, same as you need to allow yourself a time too.

To become a successful in a business, art, sport or anything, you need to visualize your success everyday like it just happened and have it hard-coded in your brain.  Write your goals on the piece of paper every day or put it on some place where you can see it to remind yourself, if it helps.  But never step out of your path no matter what! Just move forward with self confidence and believe!

Avoid of Negations and Negative People Around You

There might be some people around you that are trying to throw some negations on you, from one reason or the another.  Some of these people literally don’t want you to achieve any success simply because they were never successful and they envy you that you might be on a good way.  Do not let them destroy what you have already built or what you are trying to build.  Basically try to avoid of contact with these people or simply ignore them.  Because it’s yours way to success not theirs.  Instead surround yourself with people that are thinking positively about what you do and are supporting you with nice words and thoughts.

All of this really matters if you want to build your-self confidence and become successful in your business.  And if you think that not, it’s only your choice.

Finally i would like to invite you to join our group, where we help each other and where we grow and share our success for better.  This group is for everyone of any interest.  You can do what you love and still being a part of the team and build your-self confidence and success even to the level of ABSOLUTE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

The is only one rule, and it’s don’t bring negativity to this group.  If you can respect it, you are more than welcome to be a part of our team icon smile Build Your Self Confidence and Become Successful


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Google Adsense Update on 1.4. 2013 – Anyone Having a Problem?

Google Adsense Update

Okay, i am going to post this quick article about Google Adsense update on 1.4. 2013.  If you are an Adsense publisher and perhaps you are making some solid income from your website or youtube, this is going to affect you same as the others who are complaining right now, including me.

Adsense forum is raging right now and everybody is complaining about dropping their earnings or no earnings at all even though they have got impressions and several clicks on their ads, and RPM and CTR in quiet normal standard. I have to mention that i am included in this so called “Adsense Conspiracy” too.  All my earnings dropped down to zero.  I’m not sure exactly what does this mean, but i am definitely going to try to figure it out.

Untitled 14 1024x271 Google Adsense Update on 1.4. 2013   Anyone Having a Problem?


This is the snapshot of an Adsense Account from 1.4. 2013

Untitled 15 1024x293 Google Adsense Update on 1.4. 2013   Anyone Having a Problem?

Adsense account a day after on 2.4. 2013 showing $0.00 earnings even if the day before was shown $2.90!

  Some of say that this is due to the change of of revenue analytics for Youtube.  As since 1.4. 2013 all of the revenue income from Youtube will no longer be shown on publishers Adsense accounts, but inside the Youtube analytics.

However, as i said, i can see many people complaining about losing their income from displayed Adsense ads on their websites, even if they received a several clicks, their estimated earnings are still $0.00.

Some people are afraid of not making money with Adsense anymore. Though, some of them say that this is only affecting their Youtube earnings, not Adsense for content.  Which is even more strange, as some are experiencing a different problems. I dug in a bit and only what i found out so far is that there must be a problem on Google’s side, not publishers.

Anyone Having a Problem or Know Something More? Anyway, i hope this is going to get fixed soon and i the mean time, i keep you all informed if  i’ll find out something more about this problem. And also if you are experiencing the similar problem or if you have got some kind of reasonable explanation, please leave the comment, it’ll be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

IM Reviews

Ping Fresh – The Best Way To Optimize Your Website

Ping Fresh

I have certainly came across the Ping Fresh plugin over a month ago when it was brand new and nobody knew if it does what it promises.

I tried it though.

It’s been a month since i bought this plugin and there’s only one thing that i can tell you.

This plugin does exactly what was promised.  Ping Fresh improved my rankings and the traffic to my website almost doubled.  On one of my website it went from 150 to 300 – 350 visitors a day just within two weeks.

Now, you are probably wondered how the software like this one can increase the traffic.  I tell you how this works.

The Best Way To Optimize Your Website

IncreasedTraffic 300x157 Ping Fresh   The Best Way To Optimize Your WebsiteYou have a website or blog where you are frequently posting your articles about certain topic, no matter what topic you are writing about.  You are continuously adding new posts to your blog lets say twice or three times a week.

If you have added updated ping services inside your wordpress blog, each time you publish a new post it gets automatically pinged.  If you do not have those ping services added you simply do it manually.

But due the time your post is getting older it’s just losing the search engine’s interest and so the traffic.  Simply nobody comes to visit your old content anymore.

Well, this could be easily fixed by Ping Fresh plugin.  You don’t have to do anything just set it up and the plugin will do the rest.  Seriously, i would never imagine that it will have so big  impact on that.

The plugin checks and determines whether your posts are getting visitors and if some of them wasn’t visited lets say a month, it gets automatically pinged and creates an social echo to search engines, like shouting “hey, i’m here come to visit me!”.

On some of my aged posts i haven’t seen a visitor come for a few months, but after i installed Ping Fresh i could see visitors coming to those pages again.

I have no doubt whatsoever that this simple and powerful tool works!

And it does the job pretty well.  So i highly recommend that you give a try, even if you are satisfied with the traffic you get, it can only gets better.

Ping, Create a Social Echo and Get a Real Time ReportsPingFreshPlugin Ping Fresh   The Best Way To Optimize Your Website

It also optimizes your website by creating a social echo when someone comes to visit your
site and powers your social signals to the search engines.  You also have the access to all your website reports, which means when some search engine bot such as the Googlebot or Bingbot comes to your site to check what’s new and what’s going on there, you will know about that.  This comes really handy when you are doing SEO for your clients, so you can show them real results.

Always Honest Reviews

You know, i’m always quiet suspicious about these kind of software that promises you whole lot.  That’s why i created this website to give everyone an honest review about what is new out there, what they should try and what stay away from.  I do this to your favor and from my own curiosity.  I’m always glad to share some of my thoughts with others.

Sean Donahoe and His Premium Software

There are also a few more plugins that got my attention as they are created by the same guy, Sean Donahoe.  Again, i did my homework and found out that Sean Donahoe is quiet an icon in the Internet Marketing.

Surely i have heard about him before, but never was too curious to dig and find out more about him.

Apart from internet marketing Sean is also a software creator, and what really surprised me is that he is coding and building all of his software on his own.  Against the most of so called software creators and internet marketers who outsource their work to programmers in India, Philippines or wherever the best and cheapest software builders and coders are.  Believe me i met many of like them.

So, basically this tells you something about the quality.

Another Plugins that Got My Full Attention

Now, since i got the Ping Fresh plugin and i attended to a couple of online webinars with Sean Donahoe, i also had to check another two of his plugins he created.

1. Syndication Rockstar

SyndicationRockstartBoxCover 150 Ping Fresh   The Best Way To Optimize Your WebsiteI know, pretty weird name for such a powerful wordpress plugin.

But more that a name, our attention should be at the use of Syndication Rockstar.  This plugin is also about to bring more traffic to any of your site.

But it uses absolutely different method, but as powerful as the first one.

You have surely heard some of the marketers talking about Web 2.0 properties.  If so, then you know how crucial web 2.0 properties are for effective SEO and rankings.  If You haven’t, i quickly tell you what they are all about.

Web 2.0 are simply a huge authority social sites where you can connect with people, share your thoughts or run your own blog, usually for free.  The sites considered as web 2.0 are for example,,, but also Facebook or Twitter.

There’s literally hundreds of these sites.  But you want to focus on the most common and the biggest ones.

The thing is that these sites can earn you such a authority if you connect them with your website, and if you maintain them properly and on regular basis.

And to do so is quiet time consuming.  Imagine to create a unique content for 10 or 15 of these sites.  I know, cos i have done that.  It takes literally a few hours.

But thanks to automation of Syndication Rockstar you can have all of this done in a matter of minutes, half hour max.  You can also integrate this plugin with this most effective Spinning tool to obtain unique content for all of your sites within 5 minutes!

I highly RECOMMEND that you get this SPINNER.

You won’t find better one on the whole internet marketplace.  Save you tons of time and bring you really great results.

Here is very detailed Syndication Rockstar Review if you wanna know more about this plugin.

From my opinion both, SynRock and Ping Fresh are necessary inventory for successful and effective SEO.

2. Adsense Firestorm

The last and also very powerful WordPress plugin is Adsense Firestorm.  You need only this one if you are monetizing your website with Adsense on your websites.  But i’ll talk about this plugin later as it’s not available to the public now.  I was lucky to get the beta version for testing.  But as soon as it’ll be out you’ll know when you come to this website.  Should be soon!

Also if you’d like to get valuable bonuses along with Ping Fresh <==go to this page.

Make Money With Adsense – Important Things To Know

Make Money With Adsense

Making money with Google Adsense could be very lucrative and profitable if you do it right.  The most important thing is to be patient and don’t rush anywhere.  It could only hurt you instead of getting profit.

Like i said that make money with Adsense could be profitable but you have to make your way to what we call recurring income pulling into your account every day, week, month, 365 days in a year.

To start making some kind of solid income with Adsense takes not only the time, but also a lot of effort and experimenting.  Very important thing to mention here is that this is not any get rich quick way of making money.

If you are running on the low budget, it take you longer to generate solid income than if you are invest to right SEO strategy or promotion.  This has to be done right as well, other way you lose money which never come back.

Google is getting much smarter and if you don’t grow your authority and website rankings naturally, Google will notice and penalize you and all your effort would be pointless.

From the beginning you have to start slowly building your authority, getting some high quality contents on your site once or twice a week build your social media presence which is getting more and more important nowadays.

Wait with building your backlinks at least a month, then start slowly tapping links into your website.  Of course you want a quality backlinks, not any poor links that will expire in a few days, these can only hurt your website same as massive link building.

You don’t need tens of thousands backlinks to get your site ranked.

Also, don’t get only one type of backlinks, your links should be colorful, which means that you should have do-follow and no-follow links, submit articles to the top article directories, get some wiki links and either low and high PR1 – PR9 backlinks etc.

You’ll know what i mean once you start implementing these things.

Getting traffic to your site is very crucial, everyone knows that without traffic there’s no money.  There’s also a few great tools and plugins on the internet, so i would recommend that you invest some money and get those tools.

All of these i’m using, and i really have to say that they do what they promise.  So go ahead and grab them.

But i’ll talk about how to build and optimize website in the another article.  Now get back to the how make money with Adsense.

Important things to know when starting with Adsense

Advertising 300x300 Make Money With Adsense   Important Things To KnowAdsense is very picky when it comes down to publishers, people like you or me who just want to get a little piece of their pie.  Therefore, their customers (advertisers) have privilege against anyone.

First, you need to register for adsense account, just fill out the form and submit it.  If they will not accept you, don’t worry and try it again and give them some good reason to not deny you again.

When i was starting years ago, i was twice denied before i was accepted.

Once you have your account i know you’d like to make money with Adsense straight away, but if your website is fresh, do not place your ads on your site yet.  Wait at least three to five weeks to get your website some authority and indexed by Google.  While you are waiting you can just work on your SEO and getting traffic strategy.

You wait simply because when your site has no authority yet and is not indexed by Google, the ads on your site wouldn’t be relevant to your site and keywords and you would lower down your CTR (click through rate) and RPM, which leads to lower profit from ad clicks.  But if you have older website it’s fine.

When you have all set and running, do not be headstrong when you won’t see any money on your account yet.  As i said make money with Adsense isn’t any get rich quick, but it’s a good way how to create income a few years upfront.

It just takes time from the beginning.

The most important thing here is that you DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS with intention to earn revenue!

Google will notice and you get banned from Adsense for life.  Many people got banned like that, so bare this in your mind.

There are also those people on the internet who are repeatedly clicking on your ads with intent to get you banned.  These people are called “clickbombers”.

There is a perfect Adsense plugin which allows you to get your site protected from these people, you can also customize your adsense layout, create a Google custom search and much more to increase your profit with Adsense.  But for now, the software is not available for public yet.  I was lucky to be one of the beta testers, but once it’ll be out for public you’ll know.  Just frequently check out this site and you can be one of the first who leverage this tool to make money with Adsense.

First month or two of making money with Adsense, even if you’ll be trying hard, you probably won’t make much.  Expect something between $10 – $50, depends on your traffic of course.  But it doesn’t mean that you cannot be a lucky one and make a few hundreds.  It all depends on many factors and circumstances as mentioned above.

 How to Increase Adsense Revenue – Ads Layout, Type, Size and Color

You might be surprised, but the layout of your ads and what types of ads you are using play a big role in your Adsense revenue too.  There is four main spots on your website where you can place your ads.

It’s your main body content, side bar widget area, header (depends on the wordpress theme you’ve got) and also in the bottom of your site.

To be clear the most common spot to make money with Adsense is main content body.  There you can place ad above your post, into the post, so it looks like a part of your text (recommended) and below the post.

Depends what your website is about, but would i recommend to use text ads, as they seem to be getting more clicks in these days.  People just ignore picture ads as they look like banners.  But as i said it depends what type of niche website you have and how much you want to make money with Adsense.

First you have to look at your site and see what kind of ads and size would be the best for each spot.  Look at the colors of your website and try to customize your ads with exactly same colors as your site and content.

It means when your main body content background is white and text dark grey or black, make your ads with the same colors to make it look like it’s a part of your article content.  When your ad colors match with your content place your ad into the body content and above the content.

To place your text ad above and in the post works the best.

I recommend to create a channels for your ads inside your adsense account, it’s very simple.  This allows you to track and see which ads are getting the most clicks and which not.  Then you can deselect ones that are not making you any money.

If you can implement and stick with all the things mentioned above, you definitely will make money with Adsense.

Watch this short interview with Sean Donahoe about SEO and traffic getting strategy for 2013!

Recession – How To Make Money

Recession – How To Make Money

Many people are asking the same question over and over again.  How to make money in the recession! Specially ever since the recession hit the many people all around the world, in many countries very badly.

And it’s still not over.

In some of the countries the recession has growth into the very bad stage, and for many people the situation is almost unbearable.

I know that because a few years ago i was a part of it, and exactly the recession that i’m talking about right now has developed such a big fear inside me that i might gonna be next.  So i started to thinking about alternative ways of how to make money.

Because i knew that one day it could be me who lose the job without any back door plan.

And i was right…

That’s exactly what happened!

All the way until where i’m now was not easy and it cost me a lot of time and struggle.  But as you might know, anything could be achieved if really want and go for it.  Just be patient and believe all what you do one day will worth.

Everything that we want to achieve in our lives takes time, whether it’s financial freedom, travel the world or becoming a great artist.  And if you persist and don’t stop, finally you get what you want and what you desire.

Now, let’s start talk about how to make money

HowToMakeMoney 300x300 Recession   How To Make MoneyApart from the usual daily job, whether it’s chef, car mechanic, construction worker or builder (which was my role years ago), i’m going to talk about different job occupation which could be generally called online job or specification that you’ve probably heard before – work from home.

First i want you to know that from the beginning make money online isn’t easy and it takes some effort and time.  The term period when you start seeing real results in your earnings depends on how much effort and time do you put in, and what’s more important if you learn the right ways.

Remember, once start wrong and you will continue that way, there’s never going to be any positive results.

Also many people quit before they start seeing any results, simply because they are overwhelmed by information and don’t know how and where to start.  Yes, there is a lot of thing o learn, but it’s not different from any other job.

If you work as a chef and barely take a screwdriver into your hands, you cannot expect that you will be great car mechanic in a few days and other way around.

The biggest problem with people who get overwhelmed of information and think it’s just too much for them, is that they most of the times land on the get rich quick sites which promise you that you’ll make thousands without any knowledge or tech skills just for a little investment of $47 etc.

Literally all of these sites are nice example of a scam.

Bare in mind that no one is going to give you money for doing nothing!  These are just smart people who exploit struggling people’s trust!

There is several main ways how to make money on the internet and i’m gonna break them down for you and tell you a little bit about each one.

How To Make Money Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Finding other way to earn extra income in the recession is very crucial for many people.

First necessary step that you have to do when you want to start any online business is tobluehost Recession   How To Make Money get reliable and trustworthy web host and domain.  You could buy a good web hosting for relatively cheap price.

I highly recommend Bluehost as they are very reliable, perfect customer support, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited transfer, bandwidth, basically everything and they are the cheapest in the whole industry and you get a domain for free.

Avoid of free hosting! They are pretty much useless.

First and probably the most popular way of making money online is blogging or affiliate marketing.

For beginners i would definitely recommend to start with blogging first and then make up the way to affiliate marketing or any other online selling methods.


Basically because to be selling any kind of products online ain’t easy from the beginning.  You need to earn the trust in your potential customers.

Which consist in:

Affiliate or own product seller

Choosing the right niche that you know or you’re passionate about

Very well and grammatically written articles

Giving a good reason to your visitors to buy from your site

Giving away some valuable free bonuses or info or include a scarcity factor

Professional looking and trustful graphics and colors on your site

And finally the most important thing that is necessary in any kind of online money making strategy – TRAFFIC!

But whatever, if you think that you know a lot about your niche, you can dive straight in to become an affiliate or a seller of your own products.  Depends on your budget, you could start to be doing well very quickly, but also you could be the only one who would be willing to buy something from your site.

Either from one reason or the another.

Make money blogging

how to make money 300x300 Recession   How To Make MoneyOn the other hand being a blogger is much more fun and it can teach you something from the beginning.

Become a blogger and start blogging is great way to develop your writing skills and as well orientation in your chosen niche.  Of course that you don’t have to write all your articles on your own as you can simply outsource it to somebody else.

But as i said, writing your own articles is a good start and it will teach you some important lessons.  So your chosen niche should be about something relevant that you know or at least something that you are passionate about.

The best variation is both, skills (knowledge) and passion.

When you can join these two together i can assure that you are a half way done.

Now, you maybe wondering how you can make money without selling anything.  Well, there is a few ways how to do that.

Google Adsense

First and maybe the most popular is to make money with Google Adsense.

Simply, Google allows you to put their ads on your site and if someone clicks on them you earn certain amount of money, depended on how much advertisers pay for those keywords  that you are targeting.

This way could be very lucrative depends on niche that you are targeting.  In some very profitable niches advertisers are willing to pay up to $30 per click!  But from the beginning you probably wont’t get as much by far.

You will be seeing something between $0.10 – $2.  You can see how much the advertisers pay per click for certain keywords by visiting Google AdWords.  And of course as higher PPC (pay per click) as higher competition, which means that more people are targeting these high PPC keywords.  Anyone would rather get paid $10 than $0.10, it makes sense.

And again, same as in any other money making methods the crucial element is TRAFFIC.

Personally, i really like to make money with Adsense, but it takes time before you start seeing any real results.  You can make your life much easier and from the beginning focus on lower competition keywords with less monthly searches.  And also if you can, choose the niche which is as they say “clicky” such as for example insurance, travel insurance, travel, finance or how to make money online.

You can imagine which niches tempt people to click more and which less.

More info about how to make money with Google Adsense <== click here.

CPA Offers

Another way how to make money with your blog or website is through CPA offers.

This is a little bit harder and more advanced way than having Adsense ads on your site and it requires some sort of knowledge of the market and people that you are targeting.

Once you target wrong people with wrong CPA offer, you never gonna make a penny.

So, what is CPA offer.

CPA by other words Cost Per Action.  The name literally says what’s that mean.  CPA are basically the landing pages where targeted visitors must make some kind of action depended on which particular offer you chose.

Why target the right visitors is crucial?

Just imagine for a moment that you are searching for or interested in “how to make money online” and you land on page about “weight loss”.  What you gonna do?  Of course it’s not what you are looking for, so you’ll go away without any further action and the publisher will not earn any money.

There could be many different CPA offers.  With some you gain money per lead, which is usually between $1 – $5 per lead (email).  This way allows you to earn money without selling anything.  When someone submits a valid email you earn $.

The next one allows you to get paid per sale.  This is usually between $10 up to $200 or even more, depends on CPA network and offers.  Conversion is mostly after successful credit card submission or sale.  Some of these offers could be recurring, which means that you’ll be gaining money every month until the submission is still active.

This option is usually on dating CPA offers.

More information about recession and alternative ways how to make money on the internet will be covered in the next article, stay tuned.

Make money blogging without web hosting or any other tech skills

The most reliable and cheapest web hosting solution (Recommended)

Poweful WordPress Theme And Best WordPress Plugin

Poweful WordPress Theme And Best WordPress Plugin

About a week ago there was announced a new and most powerful WordPress theme ever, and probably the best plugin on the market.  by very respected marketing product developers, IM Wealth Builders, named Covert Social Press.

You have probably heard about the millionaire boy “Kevin Rose” who is founder of giant site  In fact, back in 2006 he made about 60 millions of dollars just within 18 months!

Now you can build similar site like him with this powerful WordPress theme and this very best plugin that i’m just going to show you.

PowerfulWordpressTheme Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress Plugin

Why I say that’s the most powerful WordPress theme.

Covert Social Press theme is Premium theme that will make your website look very professional just like NY Times, LA Times, Washington Journal or any other social bookmarking site.

But that’s not all, there is another very powerful feature hidden inside the Covert Social Press theme.

You can curate content from any site you want, so you actually don’t need to write any content yourself.  And just to mention here, curating isn’t duplicating, it’s absolutely safe within any Google policy.  Actually it gives your site more authority by linking to authority sites, high page rank sites.

For example LA Times site has incredibly high PR 8!

Also you can make all of this this running on autopilot by integrating the best wordpress plugin you have ever seen “Covert Social Content”.  Simple to use, just download it, hit the activate button and customize it in a few minutes.

But i’ll talk about this best plugin more down below.  Lets get back to this poweful WordPress theme.

Alright, what’s another cool feature of this powerful theme.

Customization of Covert Social Press Theme

PowerfulWordpressTheme sidebar 150x150 Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress PluginExcept the customization of background, header layout and text, there is customized page layout that allows you to choose how many posts you want to have displayed on your home page.  You also can choose quiet handy sidebar to display your squeeze page, ads, amazon widget related to your content or Adsense ads.

Submit a Link button

This is really good feature and that’s one of the reasons why this is so powerful WordPressPowerfulWordpressTheme features 300x107 Poweful Wordpress Theme And Best Wordpress Plugin theme.  Submit your link button on your home page.  This enables anyone who visit your site to submit their own link to promote, which for the return you are building your email list, because anyone who wants to submit the link have to sign up to your site first.

Exactly like those big sites such as LA Times do.

Now, lets talk about the Best WordPress Plugin in 2013!

Covert Social Content Plugin

Lets look at some features of this best wordpress plugin.

You simply install Covert Social Content plugin inside the WordPress as any other plugins.  Inside the setting tab of this plugin, you enter your keywords that you want generate the content for, generate a couple of pen names, and save it.

Then you head over to section under settings wher you can choose whether you want your post curate from Google news, Google blog or RSS feed.

You select your keyword and number of posts you want to curate and under what sequence period.  For example you can choose curate 4 post every 24 hours or whatever.  It’s totally up to you.

I hope this gave you a little disclosure cool and powerful WordPress theme this is, and also how you could leverage the power of this best WordPress plugin in 2013.

Importance of SEO – Google Update

Importance of SEO

ImportanceOfSEO 300x300 Importance of SEO   Google UpdateImportance of SEO has become more essential than ever.  But how to choose the right SEO technique?

Right, here is the thing.

Google Update

After a several Google Updates in a roll, it was hard to determine which tactic and SEO strategy works and which doesn’t.  But, as you know, if you are trying and experiencing long enough finally there is always a solution to be found.

SEO strategy has really changed for last 2 years.  There are now different things and facts that are important for SEO than was 2 years ago.

Now, importance of SEO in 2013 consists in a few very fundamental things:

  1. Good quality and unique content on your website, that means, well written article that is readable and providing valuable info for your visitors so they stay longer on your site and keep on coming back.
  2. Don’t write just 300 or 500 words articles, keep them as long as they suppose to be. Make it look natural.
  3. Don’t over optimize your sites, no repeating same tags, no keyword stuffing, density for your main keyword in your article should be between 1-2%.  make it look natural and don’t rush anywhere.  Massive building backlinks for young websites isn’t good either.
  4. Linking between your pages, linking to high authority sites like wikipedia.  But don’t put in too many links, 1 or 2 outbound links per article should be enough.  If you have more posts or pages on your site, not everyone needs to contain outbound link.
  5. Now, coming to the most important thing about SEO, that i already mentioned in the first point, and it’s the length of time that visitors stay on your site!

And this has become the major importance of SEO in 2013.  That’s how Google decide if your site is useful to people or not, and if should give to your site any authority or dig it somewhere very deep that no one finds it.  That’s how Google tracks the importance of your website, how long each visitor stay and what actions each visitor do.

But unfortunately Google tracking system isn’t always exact, and this could lead to the incorrect information about your site.  But don’t worry, here is the solution for you.  Watch the video down below.

Importance of SEO – the Solution is Here – urgent-google-fix (right click and save as to download the report)

Copy this code and paste it to the appearance=>editor=>footer.php (into the very bottom of the page)

<script type=”text/javascript”>
(function (tos) {
window.setInterval(function () {
tos = (function (t) {
return t[0] == 50 ? (parseInt(t[1]) + 1) + ‘:00′ : (t[1] || ‘0’) + ‘:’ + (parseInt(t[0]) + 10);
window.pageTracker ? pageTracker._trackEvent(‘Time’, ‘Log’, tos) : _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Time’, ‘Log’, tos]);
}, 10000);

Ping Fresh Plugin

Ping Fresh Plugin

PingFresh468x60 Ping Fresh Plugin

What is Ping Fresh Plugin?

PingFreshPlugin Ping Fresh PluginAlright, so what is a Ping Fresh plugin.  It’s a new plugin created by successful internet marketer, Sean Donahoe and his IMSC team.  This new plugin for WordPress, which really standing out by it’s simplicity but powerful use.  It’s basically built for take an advantage of your competition by a few simple ways.  it’s promises are to increase traffic to your website and of course get more conversions on your site.

A Little Bit About Backlinks and Traffic

Now, everyone knows that if you don’t want to be the only visitor coming to your site, you must get traffic.  And to get at least fair amount of traffic to your site there must be something accomplished, and you have to do it right way.  Traffic is so necessary part of SEO strategy.

Basically, by doing nothing with your site you wont achieve anything, and your site just will be dropping it’s rankings in the search engine such as Google.  If the Google don’t see any tendency and results, he will just ignore you.  Remember, Google is very picky in which site to endorse and which not.  You have to play by rules and then you reach your results.  And here comes at play Ping Fresh plugin.

If you know a little bit about building backlinks to your site, then you probably noticed from it’s name what’s this plugin for WordPress is about.  Ping Fresh is in a nut shell for keeping your backlinks still fresh, which is necessary for generating targeted traffic over and over again.

Ping Fresh Plugin – The Best and Inexpensive Solution

When you are building backlinks for your website, by any kind of free way, they are most of the time very weak and poor quality links, which also often expire even before Google notice them and crawl them.  And most of the time Google just don’t take these poor backlinks seriously, and sometimes they could even hurt your site instead of boost it.  You are literally wasting your time, unless you invest some money and purchase certain a number of backlinks on some of the sites or sign up with sites like Social Monkee or UAW which is monthly or yearly paid subscription.  But Fresh Ping got all of that covered for you, just for one time payment.  Which is from my opinion a real deal.

Also what is very cool feature of this plugin is that it’s almost fully automatized.  With spending the minimum of time from your side.  So what it does:

  • Promotes your existing content on autopilot
  • Recycles your old posts and make them shiny and fresh
  • Works in any niche and market
  • Works with or without search engines
  • Create a strong viral signal pulse
  • Set it up just within 60 seconds!

And there are also 4 very cool and valuable bonuses along with plugin, waiting for anyone who will act fast.  From my opinion all the products from Sean Donahoe that i reviewed and tested were solid and powerful, exactly as it promised.  So i believe that Ping Fresh will be the same quality as all of the other software products that Sean created.

PingFreshBonusOffers Ping Fresh Plugin

    JVZoo Product Feed

  • MIST Plugin (Single Site)
  • IMSC Backlink Commando - ULTIMATE COLLECTION For the first time you can full manage your Social Media marketing from one very powerful plugin and put all your social media marketing on full autopilot.
  • WP Resurrector Elite WP Resurrector is available for just 5 days at a huge discount! This very useful tool will automatically pull random old blog posts and link to them from the home page. This helps them to stay indexed, keep fresh with this very powerful new plugin.

Secret Web Assets

Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web Assets2 Secret Web AssetsSecret Web Assets is another very successful online coaching program for Bloggers or anyone who wish to get on the path to financial freedom using best SEO techniques which guarantee to get your website into the first page of Google or any big search engine on the internet.

SWA program is very new, so you can be pretty much sure that all the SEO tactics are up to date, so you don’t need to be worry about not accurate info.  The program was launched a few days ago, on February 5th, 2013.

Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web Assets training program was created by Colin Klinkert, who is known asSecret Web Assets1 Secret Web Assets internet marketer and even better known as the founder of Social Monkee site, ultimate backlinks building site.  Social Monkee is very popular and is used by thousands of marketers for getting high quality backlinks to their site.  Including me, of course.

But lets get back where we were.  Colin Klinkert had really successful year, when he made 6 figure income just from internet marketing, niche websites.  Only one of his site made him over $100 000 of Adsense Revenue, in 18 months.  Just from the one site!!!

Imagine to have more than one of the sites like that.  And all of this achieved by using SEO strategies which works, free organic traffic from Google searches.  That’s how powerful is SEO when you are using right techniques.  And now you can copy his exact SEO strategies from the scratch, and the traffic to your website could go through the roof!  Don’t forget that nowadays SEO could be a bit tricky, one little detail or mistake and everything could be the right opposite.

I know that because i’ve been there before.  When you built your site with exact right steps, without any mistake, you couldn’t go wrong.  Remember, that all the mistakes are reflected and could have a huge impact on your rankings in Google or any other search engine.


What Could You Expect When You Get Secret Web Assets Program?


Ultimate SWA SEO Report – Start Building the Websites from the Scratch


  • A little intro about Colin Klinkert’s success and covering SEO basics, how SEO works, things that everyone should know about SEO.
  • On page SEO
  • How to do your keyword research – Picking right domain name and keywords to rank
  • Choosing the right web hosting
  • Setting up authorship – exact and right steps to setting up your social media accounts (which is very important to do it right)
  • All about Youtube and Vimeo
  • How to write or order your content for an article
  • Your Web Secret Assets – rent, lease or buy links on other sites
  • Guest posting exposed
  • Indexing

Colin is giving away for a limited time all of this for a very low price of $7.  This is limited time offer, so the price might go up in the next few days.


OTO Upgrade

Over the Shoulder Video Series – How Colin Builds his Money Sites

Another feature of Secret Web Assets is OTO upgrade, which enables you to go even deeper into the SEO strategies.  OTO contains a video series over the shoulder, where you’ll be able to watch how Colin Klinkert builds his money sites, so you can copy his exact strategy.  By watching his SEO strategy over the shoulder you can’t miss anything, so your success is guaranteed.


EZ Backlinks Software

Easy and Professional Software to Manage Your SEO and Backlinks + Many Useful Features Never Released Before

You can get this super EZ Backlinks software along with Secret Web Assets program and make your SEO even more powerful.  This software has many different features, that speed up your on page SEO and it enables you to rank your website much faster.  It’s automated features are just stunning.  So, let me tell you more about this software.

Why is EZ Backlinks Software so Powerful?

This tool simplifies your whole entire backlinking strategy.  Thanks to it’s automated features you don’t have to spend ton of your time on building your backlinks.

It has perfect article spinning tool, so you can set your niche network of blogs, and syndicate your spun article to each of your website that you set, by press of the button.  You can also fill in all your seo information like tags, links etc.  So you don’t have to open each blog, to get your content on the web.  The same thing can be done for your backlinks from Web 2.0 sites.  Only what you’ll do is that you fill in your account details, spin your article, and syndicate it on Web 2.0 properties.

If you are not comforted with writing your own articles and think that someone else would do a better job, there is a choice to order an article from professional writers for a small costs.

EZ Backlinks is nicely utilized software from which you can manage almost everything.  I think that i don’t have to tell you how big time saver this software tool is.

Secret Web Assets program has very similar SEO strategies to OMG Machines by Greg Morrison, and both of these training programs have very valuable and powerful content about the best SEO tactics for 2013.

Therefore, Secret Web Assets program has a few different and new features, also the price is notably cheaper.

Secret Web Assets Review Secret Web Assets Review | Free Social Traffic Review | Social Traffic

banner8 Review | Free Social Traffic
Please read carefully my new Review about the top social media site for generating free social traffic! is a quiet new website which gives you an opportunity to generate free social traffic to you websites, Facebook account or pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube account, StumbleUpon..etc.

But that’s not all!

You can also earn $0.10 for each referral that you bring in through your affiliate link, and they sign up!

And it get even better, All of this is 100% FREE!

So i decided to write my review to give you a full disclosure what this website is all about.

visitors Review | Free Social Traffic

How Do I Get Free Social Traffic from

So, How the free social traffic from works. Let me explain.

First, you need to create your social media accounts if you don’t already have some. I would recommend to create all of the social media accounts listed above. Because, obviously as more accounts as bigger free social traffic you’ll receive.

Also an advantage is to have your own website, which you can have a listed on your account too.

So, lets say that you have all your social accounts and website listed. Then enables you to search someone’s other social media accounts and like theirs Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, Subscribe to their Youtube channel, like their website, share their website and so on and on.

From all of these actions you earn coins, depends on the other users stated rate for each action. And these coins you going to use for your free social traffic to your website, Facebook page or whatever.

Basically it works as a traffic exchange, if you like someone’s site, more likely he/she gonna like your back. Because they earn these coins from liking or sharing your website or FB page same as you do.

Perfect System Where Everyone Wins also allows you to earn everyday bonus coins which you receive from following and liking at least 10 pages a day. The bonus is anywhere from 25 to 50 coins, and the highest rate that you can set for your accounts is 8 coins per like or follower.

Someone click and share, you receive free social traffic. Simple and brilliant!

While i’m writing my review for you, i’m getting free traffic to all of my sites, pages and accounts.

How Do I Earn Money from

Simply, anyone can earn money with by referring more users. When you create your account at, you also get an affiliate link which you can use for referring more people in. There is no restrictions on how you can bring a new leads in. You can share it on your Facebook or Twitter account and for everyone who signs in through your link you earn $0.10.

It’s literally your reward for bringing to free social traffic. Bring 10 people, earn $1. Fair enough, right?

Is Legit and Trustful?

vingler1 300x201 Review | Free Social TrafficI know there’s been a plenty of scam websites that are trying to fool you on any kind of catchy thing, just to bring the traffic to their site so they can earn money from surveys or whatever. I have reviewed some of them on my site and warned anyone to stay away.

So Review is based on full honest, same as all of my reviews here.

An answer on if is legit and trustful i have to say yes indeed! And if you really get the free social traffic which is promised, the answer is yes too.

When i first time landed on this site, i just could not believe it, and i was looking for any kind of catch it might have.

But didn’t find anything what would give a bad sticker.

Only what i found was that some people already earned a money for their referrals and got them transferred on their paypal account.

There is also another almost the same website, created by same group, called SocialFans. Visit this one too. The difference of this site is that it enables you to target your free social traffic by all different countries.

Thank you for reading my Review and i hope that vingler will bring a lot of free social traffic to you. Review Review | Free Social Traffic

OMG Machines Review | Mike Long – One Man Gang

OMG Machines intro

OMG machines <<< Click Here


OMG Machines, Also known as One Man Gang Machines.

OMG Machines OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang

OMG Machines

Oh My God! Here we are and here is my OMG Machines focused and prepared!

I don’t want to be talking much around, i would rather get straight to the point, but there are a few things i want to tell you before we dive in. I have been recently writing IM marketing reviews for quiet a while, which involves picking certain product, do quiet deep research and finally purchase the OMG Machines product and make a review. I want you to know that i do the IM marketing reviews for a decent long time, but i never came across the product that would impress me so much. Usually, if it’s not totally shady scam, i always find some catches or at least the info isn’t so valuable as it’s promised.

OMG Machines Review | Mike Long – One Man Gang

OMG 4 OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang

IM News

I’m saying this because i don’t want you to think that i just pick some product, write couple of sentences about how best and great it is and trying to convince you to buy it from my site, so i make a commission.


That’s not my style.

Actually i usually say the opposite, if you’ll read my reviews icon biggrin OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang Whatever, you’ll consider.OMG Machines has it’s value as was promised..And you should also know that many of IM marketers out there would charge way more than 170$ for such info. It could easily go to a few hundreds maybe thousands. Ok, that’s about a little introduction. now..

A Little About Mike Long and Greg Morrison

OMG 2 OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang

Mike Long

The guys behind the One Man Gang Machines, as i mentioned in the video, are “Mike Long” and “Greg Morrison“. You may heard about Mike Long before as he is quiet successful internet marketer and he’s from time to time doing and helping with training webinars with other IM marketers. And also you might heard about him as Magic the Gathering player, several years ago, when he was very successful with this game. I think he was also in MTV show as Magic the gathering participant.

Though, for the first impression, Mike Long is really honest guy by his talk. Not many of them in this branch.

And on another side we have Greg Morrison, who seems to know a lot about SEO and mostly he accompanies you through bunch of the SEO stuff and fixation on important things. Both together make it nicely clear and step by step, even for absolute beginners. No wonder that they putted together a million dollar business with OMG Machines, just from the free SEO ranking on the first page of Google. We all know how Google traffic is so important to your local business or website.

Find All Best Internet Marketing Techniques

OMG Machines also involve many different internet marketing tactics such as the best way to build your list, local businesses, affiliate business basically how to become the One Man Gang and more.. Mainly what i like about, is that all educational video series are for everyone.

They cover every basics from building the website from scratch, choosing a hosting, how to write a professional looking articles, keyword research. They are also covering the

OMG 3 OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang

One Man Gang

important and so renowned Google updates such as Panda update and Penguin update, that i mentioned before in my previous article. No matter if you are newbie or Pro. If you consider yourself as intermediate or Professional, you can just skip the basics and go straight for an advanced option.

Everything well explained and it’s very understandable. And another good thing is that mostly all of your generated traffic is free! From organic searches. That’s maybe the best part. I can say only one thing, that i wish i knew some of the OMG tactics before.

Watch Over the Shoulder Demonstrations

Watching over the shoulder Greg’s website building demonstration is just so exciting and educational, so you can easily figure out what you do right and what you might do wrong. So my last words are if you really keen to know more about, and become a master in your niche, you really should consider buy One Man Gang Machines combo mini shortcut course (as they call it) and start right now.

If you think it’s definitely what you want get OMG Machines shortcut combo mini coaching course Here. And you can make me a couple of bucks if you like icon smile OMG Machines Review | Mike Long   One Man Gang if not, it’s fine. Stay tuned and recently check my website for new updates.

And if you’d like to really do me a favor, share my website with your friends on facebook, twitter or any other social media presents using social media buttons on my site. Thanks in advance ;).

Thumbs up for Greg Morrison and Mike Long for providing people with so valuable info. I think this year will have a good start for many of us.

And also thank you for reading my OMG Machines Review | Mike Long – One Man Gang article

Abundance Code Review

AB code Abundance Code Review

Abundance Code Review

Attract Whatever You Desire

abundance Abundance Code Review


Abundance code Review. The Abundance Code by Mike Evans is a new revealed course that shows you how to Manifest and Attract your desires to achieve your goals.

First thing first.

I consider myself as a Spiritual person who believes that there is something more than just material world above us. Spiritual mind and positive thinking is as well important part as everyday meal. “Don’t forget, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

I came across the Abundance Code and my own inner peace of curiosity attracted me to purchase my copy of the Abundance Code and make the Abundance Code Review. As i have heard about Mike Evans before, i know he wrote couple of spiritual books, he met up with Dalai Lama, and he even worked some while in the White House, when Bill Clinton was President of US (which i didn’t know).

So yeah, to Attract Whatever You Desire and don’t be just jumping against the wall, the Abundance Code study contains several modules where it’s well explained how to do simple steps forward in anything you want to achieve, instead of one step forward and two steps back, if you know what i mean. Instead of trying to climb 10m high wall to get on other side, just find a way around.

Manifest Absolutely Anything

Basically focus on things that matters using a few simple steps.

How to get yourself in relaxed state of mind and avoid of daily stress which just make you slipping from your path. Attract whatever you desire.

The important thing to say here, is that don’t consider the Abundance Code as some million dollar method which makes you achieve your goals without lifting a finger.

Nothing works that way.

The Abundance Code is not like any of those push button software that makes to you promise of thousands of dollars in a few days. The Abundance Code is more as spiritual kind study of your self to achieve you success.

All your goals and success inhere inside you, same as inside everyone else. As i’m going trough these similar steps for a past few years and i’m implementing them in every day of my life, i can tell that, not just your life view gets better, but it actually works to help your desires come true. You just have to push it right way.

Mainly try to avoid of negative thinking and stress. These two things have very bad influence on your journey to success and could even destroy everything you’ve already built.

Abundance Code members area preview of Modules

  • Module 1: Crystal Clear Vision – Lay out exactly what you want. This module gets you result in just 2 days. And then leverages that to propel towards your first major life goal 21 days later.
  • Module 2: Relax and Balance Your Mind – Here you connect with simplest way possible to relax your mind. Everything you need to make all parts of your mind to work in complete harmony.
  • Module 3: Visualize Your Goals with Full Emotion – Exact steps you need to take in order to add strong emotion to the mental picture of your desire. Your goals will appear in your life with amazing speed.
  • Module 4: Action Plan with Daily Inspired Action – Creating your action plan. Giving you specific action plans to affirm your commitment to achieving your goals with ease.
  • Module 5: Making Course Corrections – How to regulary make course corrections to make sure you keep yourself on the shortest path possible to reach your goals.
  • Module 6: Emotional Freedom Techniques – Opening your energy and clearing your mind. Removing past blockages. EFT is a long proven verified technique using your fingers to tap on your body’s acupuncture points, clearing away anything that is holding you back.
  • Module 7: Master Class in Big Goals – Whether you want to start a business,  or change the world, this module lets you make long-term goals and achive them with precision.

You will get 4 valuable bonuses as well such as:

AB code1 Abundance Code ReviewRelaxation audio music Full Brain Harmonized

AB code2 Abundance Code Review


The Science of Getting Rich (digital text and audio)

AB code3 Abundance Code Review


Think and Grow Rich – Roadmap Binder (Book)

AB code4 Abundance Code Review


The Personal Energy Solution

Plus you find some Unadvertised Bonuses, but i leave it as a surprise for you. I just cannot reveal all icon wink Abundance Code Review you need something to looking forward.

I have no doubt that these techniques works, it just must be implemented in the right way and turned into the right direction.

If you feel you’d like to find out more about the Abundance Code Click Here  <<<

..more info coming soon!

Thanks for reading the Abundance Code Review

Abundance Code Review

Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

pay Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!               payza Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

Hi everyone!

Please SHARE this article with your friends on Facebook, twitter, google+…etc, using social buttons on this site, to STOP scamming other people! Thanks

So let me explain…

money2 Earn4Refer Scam | Warning! If you landed on this website you are probably trying to figure out the same thing as i did. Earn4Refer dot com is the website which is about 2 months old, and is offering to people register for earning money for visitors and referrals. And if you are here just by the coincident Check out and stay away!

Well..Earn4Refer says that for each visitor with unique IP address who clicks on your link you earn 1$. Once you earn 20$, you can withdraw your money by using paypal, payza…etc. Just complete short survey to prove that you are human.

And here we are getting to the point, where everyone fail just like me. After completing their survey you wont get anywhere.

You try to complete another and another and another…

No success…


Because Earn for refer is a Big Scam site!

What is Their Nasty Trick and How They Make Money?

What they are simply doing, i figured out straightaway. They are trying to convince people to drive a huge amount of traffic to website for only the one simple reason..

Completing their surveys to earn the money.

So let me make this straight. Only the one who is earning cash is them! Earn 4 Refer website, NOT you!

It’s nasty and simple catch, because everyone who visits their site gonna go through these steps, same as i did, and at the end before you figure out what is this all about, you complete their survey.

Which is basically CPA offer (cost per action) from some CPA network company. You can imagine they are roughly earning from $0.50 up to $3 for completed simple survey.

I know this because i’m Running some of the CPA offers myself, and i’m doing marketing for past few years. But i never do tricky things like that. This shouldn’t be legal. They just piss of a lot of people.

I tried to track the company and the website, but didn’t get so far. The website appears to be 41 days old and whois for domain is locked. That means that the have secured this site to find out more info such as who is the owner, details about the owner…etc.

So my advise, stay away from earn4refer scam and tell others do the same. I also found Earn4Refer Facebook page.

Feel Free to read my Earn4refer and other reviews on this website.

I have to apologize to those people who i brought in through my Earn4refer link, even i was  caught for a little while.

Untitled 1 Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

Thanks for reading my Earn 4 Refer scam Warning! Review

If you want to really find the ways of how to earn money online using your own mobile blogging platform you should see this!
blogbeast%2FMobileMoney Earn4Refer Scam | Warning!

Local Sniper Review | Local Sniper Software

local sniper img1 Local Sniper Review | Local Sniper Software

Local Sniper Review | Local Sniper Software


Local Sniper Software Overview Local Sniper Review | Local Sniper Software

Local Sniper Software

Here we are a few days later since Local Sniper software was released to public. I have to say that it is getting much more credit then i presumed.

So here i brought to you Local Sniper Review

Some people say scam program and some of them are absolutely amazed. listen to my local sniper Review

Local Sniper vs Predator System

As i said in previous post, local sniper software seemed to me way bit similar to the software i bought about 2 months ago “Predator System”, anyway that was my first impression.

And what i think now? For the incredibility how fast Local Sniper generated over 10 000 leads, each one with email in the body, and to compare it with price, there is no doubt whatsoever.

Local Sniper is absolute winner of this competition!

But please, don’t think that if i say winner that it’s gonna make you thousands over! This is just comparing to other, similar software on the market. Either way if you are an absolute beginner, i don’t recommend Local Sniper software.

First, Predator System is much slower in generating the leads for your entered keywords but it wouldn’t be big issue. The big issue is about the quantity of leads generated with Predator in comparison with Local Sniper. Predator Software has bad rate in generating leads against Local Sniper which has 100% rate.

Basically, Predator is incomplete version of Local Sniper Software.

I cannot say that people will make a thousands or millions with this software, but there is definitely some hidden value. It just depends how you put Local Sniper into action. Thinking forward is the most important thing now.

So, first what you don’t want to do, when you generate your leads, is start sending them emails like “buy this for the best price”, “The best product ever that you must but”. No…you really don’t want to do that because you just screw up.

You have to think forward and start slowly. What they might need that the don’t have, offer them something valuable for free. Literally you have to built a relationship with them. Nobody will buy anything from you, unless you give away something valuable for free. Information or anything.

Imagine yourself, when you get an email from unknown person, to purchase whatever. First what’s in your mind is that somebody is spamming you. You just skip it or delete it straight away from 99% of each case.

You can find out a few more honest local sniper reviews

So final thoughts…Local Sniper Software could be valuable, when you use it in the right way. But to resume it all i don’t think that whole lot of people will make a money with it. I still think that all of these quick money software are a little bit shady.

For a Real and Fresh money making methods check out this ebook named Annihilation Engine. You can download it for free from my website. Just go to the link below.

Please feel free to download free ebook written by “Mike Long” HERE

Thank you for reading my Local Sniper Review

Here is my previous review…

Local Sniper Review | Jason King | Local Sniper

Local Sniper – That’s the name of very new marketing system created by Adeel CJason King and Susan King, which was released on Wednesday 12th of December . It’s actually quiet new. And in comparison with other marketing systems, software or any kind of way much promising methods, that just makes you pull the cash to them and then you fail, THIS ONE seem to be real enough!

As we know 97% of online businesses fail. Simply what Local Sniper does and focus on is that you target a thousands of unnoticed local businesses and you bring the to your doorstep and help them to be noticed.

So let me ask you..

What kind of struggling business wouldn’t accept this help when it’s offered? Especially when is it the most necessary thing they need, which is customers. No one would refuse this kind of help right?

And here you as a “Local Sniper” come to play!

It’s quiet smart and clever idea of system and absolute opposite of what almost every online marketer do.

And where is no competition, there is gold cash and much bigger chance of success. Not mentioned that the founders of this system, Jason King and Susan King generated over 1.000.000$ in just one month! It sounds so much unbelievable that it possibly could be true.

Though i think that because of quiet low price of Local Sniper, the market will be overwhelmed and many people don’t get chance to get to tap into any big profits. Anyway, we will see in the next few days.

Unfortunately there is one thing that seem a little bit shady to me.

The real fact is, that the Local Sniper Software is way much similar to Predator System by George Brown. And as you probably know i tested Predator software for past month and what it promised wasn’t from 90% delivered. Didn’t make a dime.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for Local Sniper software to try, like i payed for Predator Software incredible $980. You can get it just for fraction of this price. Local Sniper by Jason King at the price of $40.

At least Jason King isn’t talking and talking S**TS around the software like others do and go straight to the point, so you don’t have to spend 2 hours of listening bullshit to finally find out that the software is piece of crab.

So, if you wanna know more you’d have wait some while until i finish my testing. And as you know i always give it full, heavy test before i say any bad or good words.

Or either way, if you would like to test Local Sniper Software yourself, go ahead!


And if you like i can tell you the secret how you can get it even for 4 times lower price icon wink Local Sniper Review | Local Sniper Software

Just enter your e-mail here in on the right section of this site and submit. It’s just only for make myself sure that you really want to get Local Sniper for $10.  I just cannot reveal this for everybody.

Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

Twin Peak Profits logo Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

Ok..Lets get to it!

Twin Peak Profits Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

Twin Peak Profits Software

Twin Peak Profits. They really could not make better name. I’m just wonder what’s gonna be next..

Well..I got an e-mail yesterday of somebody named Ryan Dennis, which was subjected as Only 3 spots available in your local area Twin Peak Profits..blah blah…something.

I always like when somebody puts it in these words, like to make you feel that you have been selected to special VIP program where almost no one else has access to.

Like he is giving you something special to make sure that you buy.


Twin Peak Profits Review

I tell you one thing dear reader..Twin Peak Profits is nothing more than just cheesy advertising for program or system that is not gonna make you any money.

How i know it?

I know, because i went through many programs like Twin Peak Profits in the past such as (Real Quick Commission, Fast Lane Commission,Commission Cash Code,Commission Killer, Real Commission Ghost, Automated Income Stream, Quick Money App, Automated Cash Generator..etc),there is much more junk like that which won’t make you any money and only waste your time.

Believe me i have wasted so much time on this junk, that i really don’t want you to do the same.

But according to that, now i sometimes enjoy to watch their cheesy, catchy video presentation like Twin Peak Profits, usually i also purchase the product to give you a REAL review and !WARN! my readers before they catch up on something like that.


To catch the biggest attention of people, the creators of Twin Peak Profits Ryan

Tim Atkinson Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

Tim Atkinson

Dennis,Tim Atkinson and Zak Meftah  or i don’t know who else is included in this, first show you in introducing video really emotionally yelling people on the camera like

“Yes this works!” 

“I can’t believe it..10000 dollars!”

And so they really catch your attention..

Then the young, smart looking guy sitting in the chair start talking that this is real, only money making method, that many people are making money with it, and he wants you to profit too..etc

Like a f***ing good Samaritan who’s life mission is to make you money!

Then for more proof, he says that he will go and pick some random people to give them Twin Peak Profits for try and the will make a money.

How many times i heard this in other videos..

So he sit in his limousine and go..see the girl on the side of the road trying to get taxi and says i want her she is perfect..

Random yeah! Surely you noticed (if you watched..if you didn’t WATCH HERE) that the camera is recording the girl while she is calling for taxi, even BEFORE the limousine gets’s so obvious that all of it is prepared..

So, what it is?

One BIG obvious lie from the start!

Not talking about that after this video it goes to another video trying to convince you to buy some upgrade, then to another and another and another…etc.

I don’t want to describe it all to the end, but you should probably know now what is it about. But i tell you more once i fully test it!

I tell you one thing. If you want to learn how to start making money online step by step, you have to get some real thing that works.

I will give you a few tips here, that got me on the good start, after struggling with these s**t programs, and i’m doing quiet well now.

Week by week, month by month i’m getting better and better and earnings are growing.

So..Here are a few handy programs and courses that i used. Recommend to check them out.

New and Fresh method how to make money. Recently updated members are, handy and useful tricks, easy SEO explanations. Really good one! Recommended

==> Click Here for Bring the Fresh <==

Google Sniper is program plan which shows you how to effectively build website from the scratch, what best plugin use for wordpress and the best ways to promote your affiliate products on your website, plenty of video tutorials. Recommended

==>Click Here for Google Sniper <==

Another software that i’m testing now is “Local Sniper” , which should be software for generating leads just in a one minute in any niche. I’m working on my full review.

To check it out > Click HERE <

And if you are just not convinced to buy any of these, no hard feelings. At least feel free to download on the right of this site “Annihilation Engine” PDF e-book which is very useful for beginners even for intermediates, and gives you perfect view of how to start successful online marketing.

Alright..that might be all!

Make sure you bookmark this website and feel free to come back anytime icon wink Twin Peak Profits Review | Tim Atkinson

or share this article with your friends.

Thanks for reading

Author: Miro Le Pelt

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Local Sniper Review | Jason King | Local Sniper for 10$!

local sniper img1 Local Sniper Review | Jason King | Local Sniper for 10$!

Local Sniper Review | Jason King | Local Sniper for 10$

Local Sniper – That’s the name of very new marketing system created by Adeel C, Jason King and Susan King, which was released on Wednesday 12th of December . It’s actually quiet new. And in comparison with other marketing systems, software or any kind of way much promising methods, that just makes you pull the cash to them and then you fail, THIS ONE seem to be real enough!

As we know 97% of online businesses fail. Simply what Local Sniper does and focus on is that you target a thousands of unnoticed local businesses and you bring the to your doorstep and help them to be noticed.

So let me ask you..

What kind of struggling business wouldn’t accept this help when it’s offered? Especially when is it the most necessary thing they need, which is customers. No one would refuse this kind of help right?

And here you as a “Local Sniper” come to play!

It’s quiet smart and clever idea of system and absolute opposite of what almost every online marketer do.

And where is no competition, there is gold cash and much bigger chance of success. Not mentioned that the founders of this system, Jason King and Susan King generated over 1.000.000$ in just one month! It sounds so much unbelievable that it possibly could be true.

Though i think that because of quiet low price of Local Sniper, the market will be overwhelmed and many people don’t get chance to get to tap into any big profits. Anyway, we will see in the next few days.

Unfortunately there is one thing that seem a little bit shady to me.

The real fact is, that the Local Sniper Software is way much similar to Predator System by George Brown. And as you probably know i tested Predator software for past month and what it promised wasn’t from 90% delivered. Didn’t make a dime.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for Local Sniper software to try, like i payed for Predator Software incredible $980. You can get it just for fraction of this price. Local Sniper by Jason King at the price of $40.

At least Jason King isn’t talking and talking S**TS around the software like others do and go straight to the point, so you don’t have to spend 2 hours of listening bullshit to finally find out that the software is piece of crab.

So, if you wanna know more you’d have wait some while until i finish my testing. And as you know i always give it full, heavy test before i say any bad or good words.

Or either way, if you would like to test Local Sniper Software yourself, go ahead!


And if you like i can tell you the secret how you can get it even for 4 times lower price icon wink Local Sniper Review | Jason King | Local Sniper for 10$!

Just enter your e-mail here in on the right section of this site and submit. It’s just only for make myself sure that you really want to get Local Sniper for $10.  I just cannot reveal this for everybody.

Predator System Review – Buy or Not?

 Predator System 300x199 Predator System Review   Buy or Not?

Predator System Review

Read my Predator System Review before you buy this software.

Honestly, I have to describe Predator System as it really is. Bear in your mind guys that i always properly test the program or software before i do a review about it. It’s not like one day test and then telling people this is awesome or this is shady. I actually allowed over 1 month to full test of Predator System.

I was surprised that there are still many people searching for Predator System or Predator Software, whichever way you like.  Well folks, therefore a few people had some little success with this software, most of people actually didn’t.

And that’s true.

Because i was a member of the Predator’s group a few months ago when it first time shew up.  I won’t deny, i was so excited, that i even quickly lend the money to buy the Software, because as it was presented i get my investment back in the matter of hours or days.  I don’t know how much you pay now for this software but a few months ago it wasn’t a small investment.

It was almost $980…Almost a thousand!

I believed to the software and didn’t give up for the first few weeks, about 2 months.  But after a few weeks of wasting my time and not making money, i started to be realizing that it is not what was promised.

My several email addresses got banned from being spammy, even if they assured me that i’m not being a spammer using this Predator System method.

Honestly, you don’t need a piece of junk software like this to make a money on the internet.  Although the people from Predator group who actually made a money, didn’t make it because of the software, but because of the good marketing strategy.  And you don’t need a software for a good marketing strategy.

Another thing i would like to mention here is, that in the whole internet marketing industry, there is no such a software that will make you easy and fast money on autopilot, as it was presented.

And if there is, would you be willing to give it away?

Of course not.

Although, i found much better and trustworthy strategy how to make extra money online, even with a big possibility of life-time income.

Check it out Here <<<<

Hope that my Predator System Review was helpful to you to decide if you want this software or not.

My Reviews are based on 100% trust and honest. And i want to give you eye opening overview about every review i’ll have done. Thanks for understanding.

Panda Update | Penguin Update

 Panda Update | Penguin Update

Panda Update | Penguin Update

Important things that you should know about Google UpdatesPanda Update and Penguin Update. This might be total game changer for you!

Hi Friends

panda 199x300 Panda Update | Penguin UpdateIt’s quiet well known that there was some rapid update change on Google algorithm. I could hear from every guru,SEO or online business marketer. Everyone talked about that but i surely didn’t know what exactly this update involve and how it can possibly effects my website in search engine ranking.

So i kinda ignored it and forgot about.

But what happened after i could not ignore anymore. First of all i didn’t know what’s going on and why my website dropped down in Google many pages below it was before, which really cut off most of my traffic to the website. Well, after a while I kind of figured out that it has something to do with Panda Update and Penguin Update.

Fair enough, at least i knew what happened, because there was everybody talking aboutpenguin 225x300 Panda Update | Penguin Update that. But the more important was to know how to put it back, how to fix it. Unfortunately no one was saying anything about this.

So couple of hours of trying and playing around got me on the right way, and i was almost confident that this gonna fix the problem. After a few days i realized it really works and my websites got back where they were or just on slightly different position.

So What Panda and Penguin update did

It says that penguin update, first launched in April 2012, was mainly aimed at decreasing search engine websites that violates Google webmaster guidelines by using prohibited SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and cloaking, creating duplicate content etc, that got them easily on the top of first page in the Google search engine.

Google updates are simply slapping duplicates and over optimized sites. And i’m going to show you a few tricks to leverage Panda update and Penguin update here for your good. 

As you see, before we used to over optimized our websites with repeated keywords in article and sometimes keywords contained in the domain name and url. Keywords Alt text contained in every picture repetitively anywhere we could.

Well folks..It doesn’t work like that anymore. Over optimized websites are not Google friendly anymore. Besides google gets confused by over optimized websites and in fact ignores them.

Here is what you need to do. You have to make sure that not every picture contains your keyword. You do better if you describe your picture as it is. In the main text your keyword should be involved maximum twice and use related words instead of your main keywords. Massive bulk linking is not good either because it doesn’t seem natural. Make sure your post contains video, it really helps your ranking.

And in square..keep the things simple.

Thanks for reading this Article by Miro Le Pelt


Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

google 300x96 Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

Well,I wanted to write about Traffic,specifically about Google Traffic,as Google is one of the biggest,if not totally biggest concern,search engine in the world. For past a few years i was independently putting all information together about Online Traffic,as my own homework how to dominate search engine and rank well for Google.  All the work and books i read to understand how it all works and how could i possibly get the best results from search engines.

linkbutton Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

From the start it seemed to me that i never get through and i will never understand to whole thing. Well i have still a lot of to learn,we learn whole life.  But there is one cheeky thing about Google.

And the thing is,that they (the Google engineers or specialists) the people who run and control whole google Engine Rankings..etc, they  sometimes change the algorithms in which Google works,so you’ll never stay on the top of Google search engine for long time,i mean if you even get there.

Click Here to access Mass Traffic training module

google traffic 225x300 Traffic | Online Traffic | Google TrafficOf course that some big and rich companies, they can afford to pay a lot for the best targeted Traffic and the best SEO workers (search engine optimization), they could stay on the top forever. So there is really no point try to beat them in this Online battle about traffic.

You better stick with what you know and learn how you can possibly more improve your rankings in the search engine. Don’t worry,there is a plenty of other,tested and proven ways how you can get traffic flowing into your website, blog or just an affiliate link. Could possibly grow up to 10000 visitors per day, which is already goldmine.

I wanted to work out all online Traffic scheme together and put it on my site  for you,but then i realized,while i searched the internet,that there is a plenty of useful,already done and perfectly elaborated schemes and modules so at the end of the day it seemed to me point less to do the almost same work. I decided to pick a few of the best works and share it on my website with you.

Click Here to access Mass Traffic training module

It seem to me better idea than spend hours and days to create the same scheme and modules for Online Traffic. So here are some links where you can start. And believe me these tactics work pretty well.

Thanks for reading this Article by author: Miro Le Pelt

Traffic | Online Traffic | Google Traffic

Scam | Meaning of Scam

Scam | Meaning of Scam

Hi everybody

Today i would like to focus on the “meaning of Scam“. I’m sure that all of you came across the word “Scam” before. It’s pretty usual when it comes down to internet online marketing,online business marketing,email marketing..etc. We could actually possibly say that it’s involved in the whole internet activity.

What i found out ever since i started online marketing,was that a lot of people are mistaking and misunderstanding the right meaning of Scam,the word itself. Some people just consider that Scam is just something they don’t like. For those i must say don’t confuse a Scam with Spam. It’s pretty much different meaning.


2046188221 dbd7640faf Scam | Meaning of Scam

The Meaning of Scam indicated as well as e-mail fraud,is indication for “things” or “people” who are promoting,selling some “fake” not real product or are impersonate themselves as someone else or someone (something) that doesn’t exist or is under the fake identity. Meaning of Scam

Example: I’m sure that some of you probably got a typical email like

YOUR CHECK OF $950,000.00USD.

I have waited you all this while for you to contact me concerning your cashier check of $950,000usd which myscam 150x150 Scam | Meaning of Scam boss entrusted me to send you but did not hear from you, then i went and deposit the Check with the mailing company pending on when you are willing to receive it, right now i travelled out of the Country for 3 months course and will not come back till it is completed. I deposited the Check to FedEX Company Nigeria with an instruction to release it to you whenever you contact them. I would have called you but i misplaced your phone number that is why i am writing you this email...blah blah blah!

So this is the typical email that is trying to obtain personal information,details from you to abuse it. So be aware of if you receive an email like that..For sure no one would give away this big amount of money.


Alright..otherwise the “Spammer” someone who is sending an email to thousands of not targeted people to try sell some product or offer some kind of membership..etc. Of course a Spammer can be producer of Scams as well.

But generally Spams are not that bad compared to Scams,as it doesn’t hurt to you unless you feel uncomfortable that you are getting emails which offers you some “real” special offers or “real” products and you don’t want to buy anything. You just ignore them.

As i showed as example above. Fake products,fake programs and software etc..trying to manipulate the people to buy or give away some valuable information.

How to make sure that you are not spamming people with your e-mails if you are running or want to start some business. The most important thing is that whatever you are promoting and selling just make that you are targeting right potential customers. It must be very targeted. It means that these people must be some way interesting about what you try to sell or promote or at least relevant or related to them.

Example: If you are selling software or program you cannot contact somebody who is advertising for a dog wanted. But if you are selling Dog guide book you’ll be more eligible to contact those who are looking for a dog.

So,well..You will apparently come across this kind of misunderstandings if you do or you want to start to do any kind of online business via E-mail Marketing. Which building your own E-mail list for business is one of the most important thing to build successful business in any way of any kind.

Thanks for reading this Article

Scam | Meaning of Scam

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Predator System | Traffic Hunter

logo Predator System | Traffic Hunter

Predator System | Traffic Hunter

189402 1013561834976 8378081 n1 e1352228173227 146x150 Predator System | Traffic Hunter

Predator Software

Hi It’s me,Miro. Hope you are all well with a big smile in the face :). Today i will be talking about the Predator System again as it is quiet hot topic for a lot of people now and me of course. As the days passing by,it’s been almost 2 weeks since Predator (the Traffic Hunter) was released to a certain number of people and we are keen to be diving more and more into how Predator System works to to cut our piece of the pie.


Honest, True or a  lot of lies?

Surely we don’t know exact number of people who purchased the Predator System,so the competition could be pretty high. But experiencing with this interesting software can show us that there is more ways,actually much more ways how to turn your online activities into the profit. Predator isn’t just bounded by CPA offers and Craiglist like it was shown in the very first video Re-stream by George Brown. What i read all over the internet many people actually think it is. But it’s only because it was only the method shown online so far. Just try to use a bit more your imagination and put it into the action. Experiencing with Predator can expand your picture of money making strategies.

Traffic Hount

traffic 21 300x225 Predator System | Traffic HunterThat’s how i really like to call it because Predator is literally the Hunter that hunts his prey (in the virtual and mainly in the real world). Predator seeks the target,aim the target and finally catch it! And as it’s well known about predators in the wild nature they never miss. Almost 100% success otherwise he dies. So that’s why Traffic Hunter. Only instead of rabbits,marmots or mice our Predator Software is hunting the most valuable thing in entire online business marketing which is TRAFFIC!!!

With Predator System you can make your traffic very targeted and that’s exactly what you want. You need to focus on your particular niche and then seek the right targeted traffic (customers). And Predator do the most important work for you. Which saves you a lot of time..seriously,i mean A LOT!

traffic 225x300 Predator System | Traffic Hunter

traffic lights in Asia

So all of this makes me think that there is a huge value hidden somewhere inside the Predator System. Many things that we don’t know yet and which we are just about to explore and discover! Some already skilled business marketers surely find those values sooner than beginners but as i said to many people “Be patient and you must learn”. Obviously that is why some people refused this System because it just didn’t work on “Push button and money on account”.

So just about to finish this,i think that in the end of the day we’ll all be glad to have this Traffic Hunter software – Predator System by George Brown.

Predator System | Traffic Hunter

Thanks for reading this article was written by

author: Miro Le Pelt

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Predator System Review – Predator Software by George Brown

logo Predator System Review   Predator Software by George Brown

Please read at the bottom of the page my final thoughts about Predator System.”

Predator System Review – Predator Software by George Brown

189402 1013561834976 8378081 n 150x150 Predator System Review   Predator Software by George BrownWhat do we think about Predator Software by George Brown..Is it scam and fake or no.1 loophole in entire online marketing system as it was promised and pronounced to us? I guess non of these are real answers until we find correct answer while we just go ahead and put Predator System or Predator Software (whatever you like more) through the test. Obviously you never know until you try,do you? It’s always the best to make your own picture about things,especially if they are new like our Predator Software by George Brown.
Ok. Before we get to discover more what  is,i have a few more things to tell you than i enter on Predator System Review.

Who never heard about George Brown or heard just a little bit,George Brown is originally coming from United Kingdom and he is (excepting Predator System founder) also Google Sniper 2.0 founder,which is the package you purchase and you get access to Google Sniper members area where you can find a lot of good information,advises,tutorials and couple of training videos about how to set up your proper blog,website,how to become an Affiliate Marketer and how to pick your right product and what is the best way to promote it and sell it. Whatever complaints i heard about the Predator System,the  Google Sniper 2.0 got very good feedback from people who purchased the training program as it really helped or even began their online carrier. Positive feedback got Google Sniper 2.0 from myself as well as i found those advises quiet useful and helpful. Always some new stuff to learn. Anyway,ever since then George Brown promised Totally new and innovative softwarePredator System.

Somewhere i read about the Predator System that it is “Illegal software,which is breaking some of internet terms of use and policies and that it is scam which doesn’t work anyway.”
Some of you guys says it’s just a big rip off and scam. I mean like some of you knew about the Predator coming for almost two years,and were waiting for a big release of Predator Software. So would you really think that George Brown was preparing two years for a big rip off of a few hundred people? And even with success of Google Sniper 2.0 it doesn’t make much sense to me. There is some weird things going on about Predator System support i have no doubt whatsoever,but i got i got couple of responses from support team earlier. About members area i have no problem with log in,coming updates and webinar training. Another strange thing was why George Brown wasn’t much honest and said that there is only 50 copies that he will release and only 24 hours opened webinar re-stream. That he had opened download for one week and definitely there was a lot more copies downloaded,i bet several hundreds. It was kind of dishonest from him.

And in accordance to example of Craigslist and CPA offer (the iPhone example) it seems to me ok if couple of people is doing that,but not if several hundreds or thousands people are doing the same thing. My thinking of this,is overwhelming market and especially people who are receiving these offers. And it could leads only to one thing – People who are receiving these types of emails,can report it as a spam email and all the thing is going to be shot. I don’t say for sure but from my opinion there is big possibility it could happen.
But in comparison to this there is plenty of more useful ways how to make money with Predator Software. Some of them might be more advance than CPA offers but that’s why there are training videos inside members area. Also by using ours brain and ours online experience we can find new useful techniques and ways how to monetize what we do by using Predator System or Predator Software.

Who knows. For now as i said first we must give a try and some time. So that’s why i decided to purchase this beta version product and test it for those who are looking for answers same as i’m. As Predator Software was opened for a one week for members of George Brown’s list,i think on Halloween 31.10. they pulled it down forever. I decided to purchase Predator Software so i’m going to inform you about how this works and how real it is…

Final Thoughts about Predator System

After long testing and giving a hope i realized that Predator System is not so real as it was promised, and i tell you that there is maybe a harder but much more real way to make money online. Please take this as my final statement. If you want to know how i make a money online at the moment, Go to this link now.

Predator System Review – Predator Software by George Brown

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So today i found out that the support desk i could not reach i was talking about earlier,changed from  to

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